Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tuscany Style Kitchen

When a client asks for a Tuscany Style kitchen, I think of warm colors, rich patterns and textures. This kitchen represents all of those classic elements. Notice the warm stucco finish on the walls with a darker shade of the same color wrapping the barrel vaulted ceiling, honed black granite countertops, the buttercream color of the cabinets, the richly patterned fabrics in earth tones and reds, European Aga Cooker, handpainted frienze work, and the overall inviting feeling.

The artichecture of the room with this dramatic barrel vault was not as prominate in the design until the colors and frieze work were completed. Without the color the room lacked any focal point or warmth. With the help of my favorite faux finisher, Jennifer, we came up with this fantastic result that both the client and I were thrilled about.

Remember to highlight all your most interesting features in the room. Slight changes in color tones can have a spectacular effect. The cabinets, walls and ceiling of this kitchen are all in the same color family but each showcases the next.

This is both a cook's kitchen and a family gathering space. Thanks for sharing time with me and another Bridget Beari Design!

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