Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Anatomy of A Room - Part II

This mix of styles, textures and patterns in the Ham Yard Hotel in London completely intrigued me. No one can ever say that anything matches or is even in the same style. Brilliantly done. 

      Front Desk and Foyer

bold upholstery, moroccan beaded vases, French limestone mantel

The Library off the Entry

patterned lampshades, wallpaper and upholster - all different 

The wallpaper and the wing chair upholstery are repeated

Multiple hanging woven baskets made into lanterns

In the main dining room - egg shade pendants hanging in various heights as well as the roman shade behind them. 

The main bar combines several wood in vertical stripes

On the ground level the hotel has a bowling alley, bar, dance space and spa. 

fabric paneled walls

Jungle themed back bar and dance area

The bowling area - notice the framing on the left. Creatively custom with more pattern and color. 

                Large posters in the conference room area - whimsical and fun! 

Conference Room #1

Back upstairs to the main dining area and tea area

I loved the use of fabrics on the chairs - always the backs were upholstered in a contrasting fabric.

Loved our tea time treats! 

Use of pebbles within the floor tiles - mix of Morrocan and French

Back drawing room - check out the patterns and even the secretary is painted. 

I loved the niches in the main dining area. 

This wallpaper was really interesting - busy but solid at the same time. Great framing. 

Bold upholstery choices with beautiful details around the edges. 

Main hallways were filled with this botanical print wallpaper. 

All the Art was clever and unusual. This was a collage in the elevator. 

The use of wool fabrics and upholstery details were incredible. Solid fabrics with exposed stitching. 

Here is a room view of that wallpaper. 

Brilliant use of boxes and tribal prints at the bar. 

This was design treat to see how Kit Kemp works her magic. 

Happy Travels ……

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Dreaming of Italy

Here are some quick photos of my trip to Italy. We flew into Milan and drove to Canale, Alba, Barbaresco, Lucca, Monforte then to Firenze, Orvieto, Montecino, and finally to Roma. It was beautiful and not too many tourists.

Bridget Beari "Snapshots of My Trip to Italy" from Bridget Beari Designs on Vimeo.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Anatomy of a Room - Kit Kemp Bedrooms

Having just returned from a fabulous trip to Europe, I stayed in some amazing hotels but The Ham Yard Hotel in London captured my attention. 

Designed by Kit Kemp, it is one of the Firmdale hotels that she owns with her husband.  

As my New Years goal is details, this hotel was full of design surprises and curious choices. I loved her layering skills - mixed up, unmatched but not too juvenile or garish. 

Here is her design philosophy from Lonny Magazine: 

"My palette is diverse, but my style is about achieving a balance between what’s colorful and what’s neutral and restful. You need only one really inspiring piece in a room." 

Let's see how she achieves this by examining only the hotel bedrooms. 

This room seems fairly matched up but look at the turquoise stool. The bed comfort level is amazing. Bold pattern on the headboard mixed with the graphic curtain pattern. 

 The next room has a bold wallpaper with marbled headboard fabric and then a multi patterned bench

Then turn to the floral mixed with the yellow topped chairs with decorative flat braid. The artwork is interesting as well - unmatched to the room. 

Grey walls, navy/pink dustskirt, orange red drapery fabric. Brilliantly mismatched

Again pattern upon pattern

Peak and Boo pleats on the dustksirt in contrasting colors. 

Boiled wool was everywhere with contrasting cords and mixed stripes - see the bench

Stripes at the window but larger stripe on the chairs

I just used the fabric on the pillows in a guest room. I mixed it with a brighter blue but here she has mixed with dark navy diamond pattern with the petite floral design and another print on the window. Clever! 

Wow - look at this sofa stripe. It really shows off the room and the art above. The other items in the room are more neutral but still mixed patterns. 

Even bolder here with floral headbaord, medallion bench fabric, striped chairs, and red and blue art work. 

Red and pink striped draperies with a red floral headboard. A lime green bench to break up the hot colors and the neutral gray walls to cool it down and unify the room. Notice the floral on the side of the chair - that technique was everywhere. Even more pattern upon pattern.  

The art was incredible too - perfectly picked and placed. Again mismatched and definitely original.  

I loved the different headboard shapes in each room and how the design in each room is different. It makes me want to go back and stay in a different room. 

Some rooms were simple but the attention to detail was the same - notice the upholstered door! 

Gorgeous bird nest wallpaper and embroidered headboard fabrics - old fashion but at the same time modern. 

Contrast that with a more modern bathroom - clean and sleek

She is master at the mix - her creative choice of fabrics, attention to every detail. It is Brilliant design work! 

Did you notice the dressmaker forms in every room covered the fabrics? 

Next time we will look at the more public room.  You are in for a treat. They are definitely a WOW factor! 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Changes for the New Year

Well, here we are....  going into a New Year 2015. I've decided that this year will be the year of "Refining." I've become slightly obsessed with details - for myself and my design style. 

I want to design products and rooms that create interesting dynamics the between objects. It always takes so much time searching for the final details of room to get it just right - artwork and accessories. It's not about going to Home Goods and throwing some cheap stuff around. These are the critical details. 

Interior of HDG Architecture Office

It may be minimal but the details matter. So the first order of business will be to change some major rooms in my house. With the addition of my new courtyard I feel like the spaces are complete but now its the details.

 The second order of business will be to renovate some of the office spaces. Of course we are running out of space but we need a new look and a revamp. 

The third thing will be to refine me. I've been off coffee for 9 days now and feel great. I'm sneaking in the raw but hope to get back to 60/40 at least by March. Also more exercise since loosing my trainer last summer. I'll start polar bear swimming in March hopefully. 

Interior by Jenny Wolf

The fourth action item is to focus completely on details on my upcoming projects. I want to take more time on just the design aspects. I can do that now with the addition of my new team members. I'm freed up to design!!!  

and I love it !!!!

Even though last year was full of ups and downs, turmoil and uncertainty. 

2015 is looking up already! 

This will be the year for travel as we leave tomorrow for Europe. Two weeks in London, Milan, Florence, Canale, and Rome and then again in February for Tulum Mexico for another project and a photo shoot. 

I want to soak it all in and be inspired by the great ones. My camera and sketchbook are ready for new ideas and inspirations

Interior by Piet Boon

 The fifth item will be to refine the details of the products we are selling. 

The wallpaper line is growing with new patterns coming out this year. We are shipping orders all over the country which still amazes me. We are working on a true wallpaper book not just loose samples. 

We have had offers to showcase our product in various places so this year is the time to decide on representation - showroom, retail store etc. 

Interior by Kate Hume 

I want to be inspired by others. I love our collaborative teams of graphic artists and writers. I couldn't do it without my fabulous team. 

The sixth action item and the final one will be to start some of the new product projects with vigor. The Color Rules Book proposal and the fabric line. We scraped the first attempt in total as I wasn't feeling it. There are always highs and lows but I love the journey. 

So follow along with me in 2015 or become a client and see what amazing things we can do for you!