Sunday, April 19, 2015

Bridget Beari Goes Prime Time NBC

It's been a busy month here at Bridget Beari. Maybe you've seen us on NBC? Not once but 3 times since February. If you missed it they are already repeating! 

We were chosen to be the design team for 3 different contractors on the show - Fit It and Finish It starring our favorite - Antonio Sabato Jr. (Calvin Klein ads, Janet Jackson video, General Hospital, Dancing with the Stars ……)

The production team came to the RVA for 1 week in December to remodel 10 homes. Each project only lasting 12 hours ( give or take )

Our first project was a family room with Leo Lantz. In one day we completed new french doors, new wood floors, recess lights, painting, new mantel and hearth, new fireplace insert, new furniture, and a mural. 

Here's the BBD team at 6:30am getting ready for the install. 

Of course our friends at H.J. Holtz were right there with us to provide all the painting on all 3 episodes. 

Selfies with Rachel between takes and working on the DIY projects. 

Joe's custom made cerused coffee table. We showed how to ceruse on film. 

Joe's custom bookcases in High gloss Shakin Jakin no24
Cool furniture donated by la Diff  - we couldn't have done it without them

Bridget Beari Colors shined on the walls, trim and ceiling

Bolcha M15
Snowball No.2
Echo No. 55

Brian from Holtz created this hand painted mural with a time lapse camera on his ladder in 45 minutes - Amazing! 

The family was thrilled with the results! 

The next day of filming was 2 episodes in one day at one house. I was the designer for both so I was going from one space to another filming. So much fun! 

Episode 2 was a Backyard design by Greg Koehler of Outdoor Dreams. We came up with some fabulous details for this one. 

6:30 roll call

On every show I did a DIY project. This one involved Bridget Beari Colors paint - turning flower pots into end tables. 

Antonio loved out solar lights on cedar stands! Joe did a great job with those and the plant stand. 

The back yard reveal…..

More awesome La Diff furniture. 

Don't forget our modern doghouse made from mahogany flooring boards. So Cool - Thanks again Joe! 

 Our 3rd episode was at the same house but in the basement. It was a boring space just used for storage. Josh and Jared wanted a space they could entertain in. They had tons of video games, gaming things, figures, records …. lots of stuff no storage and no place for a karaoke party. No problem Bridget Beari along with Home Mason came to the rescue and created this over the top space! 

More Bridget Beari Colors Paint -  Winston, Puddytat, Monsieur Bobo, Shakin Jakin, Baron Boy, and Tucci Shimmer were all on this stage! 

Jeff and Shane from Holtz repurposing Josh's table in a zebra stripe. 

Jeff painting the diagonal stripes of Tucci shimmer in the disco area

I only sat for a moment for this shot with Antonio before we started staging the furniture. 

The reveal of the basement entertainment space...

Talking through the design plans - even though the pipes burst during the demo. We managed to pull it off in the nick of time. 

Another DIY  - etched glass for the bar

Here's Mason our contractor with Antonio and I discussing the design elements. 

Staging the furniture….

The bar reveal ….

Thanks to Closet Factory for all the built in units, bookcases, pacman bookcases - you guys rocked! 

I had a great time on the show and was able to show our creativity even on a budget! They said they were the one of best episodes! 

Look for me on reruns, next season or on our own channel! 

Thanks Fix It and Finish It we had a ball! 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Anatomy of a Room - David Collin's Massimo Restaurant London

In this episode of Anatomy of a room we look at a commercial space in London called Massimo's in the Corinthia Hotel. 
This space was design by the famed David Collins, who died in 2013 of cancer. He was an architect know for his brilliant designs. 

To me restaurants are all about the experience of the atmosphere and the food. What makes this design so brilliant? 

1. scale

The height of the ceiling and the oversized lanterns give that sense of drama to the room

2. The attention to detail

Beautifully crafted custom mosaics on the walls and floor Notice how they are juxtaposed to the classical moldings on the walls

3. Reference to the past

David was clearly inspired by Italian interior with the striped columns reminiscent of the Sienna Cathedral but also the touch of Art Deco seen in the clock wall and the use of brass. The mix of different styles is subtle but still budding with creativity.

Love the barstool triangular shaped backs! 

4. Custom Touches

The light fixtures and the booth designs with the brass detail repeated through is lovely. 

5. Sense of Textures

The shiny brass, black wood walls, tile, gloss striped columns,  soft leather and the zinc bar. I love the mixture! 

That fixture is to die for

Who every said you can't mix metals? This bar was killer! 

The curved detail on the banquette. 

Not to mention the beautiful tiled ceiling. It was a glamorous and handsome at the same time. 

This was another of our stops in my tour through Europe. Wait until we get to Italy!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Anatomy of A Room - Part II

This mix of styles, textures and patterns in the Ham Yard Hotel in London completely intrigued me. No one can ever say that anything matches or is even in the same style. Brilliantly done. 

      Front Desk and Foyer

bold upholstery, moroccan beaded vases, French limestone mantel

The Library off the Entry

patterned lampshades, wallpaper and upholster - all different 

The wallpaper and the wing chair upholstery are repeated

Multiple hanging woven baskets made into lanterns

In the main dining room - egg shade pendants hanging in various heights as well as the roman shade behind them. 

The main bar combines several wood in vertical stripes

On the ground level the hotel has a bowling alley, bar, dance space and spa. 

fabric paneled walls

Jungle themed back bar and dance area

The bowling area - notice the framing on the left. Creatively custom with more pattern and color. 

                Large posters in the conference room area - whimsical and fun! 

Conference Room #1

Back upstairs to the main dining area and tea area

I loved the use of fabrics on the chairs - always the backs were upholstered in a contrasting fabric.

Loved our tea time treats! 

Use of pebbles within the floor tiles - mix of Morrocan and French

Back drawing room - check out the patterns and even the secretary is painted. 

I loved the niches in the main dining area. 

This wallpaper was really interesting - busy but solid at the same time. Great framing. 

Bold upholstery choices with beautiful details around the edges. 

Main hallways were filled with this botanical print wallpaper. 

All the Art was clever and unusual. This was a collage in the elevator. 

The use of wool fabrics and upholstery details were incredible. Solid fabrics with exposed stitching. 

Here is a room view of that wallpaper. 

Brilliant use of boxes and tribal prints at the bar. 

This was design treat to see how Kit Kemp works her magic. 

Happy Travels ……