Friday, March 16, 2018

Hue Are You? With Pulp Design Studios

Welcome to HUE ARE YOU

A weekly blog series exploring different creatives view on color and its use in interiors, art and design. We will dive deep into their obsessions with color. How and why they use color. You will get to know their stories and you may even gather some tips for using color in your own home. What is better than learning from the experts! 


Hue Are You? 
Designer Spotlight: Pulp Design Studios

The design duo of Beth Dotolo of Seattle and Carolina Gentry of Dallas make up the design team Pulp Design Studios, interior designers and products designers. Known for their lively modern interiors and their "Splendid Living" approach, these girls are rocking the interior design world from Traditional Home showhouse rooms to their Kismet bar products,hardware, and throws. I can't wait to learn more about color and their design style so here we go .....

Susan Jamieson: What One Color Represents Your Design Style? 

Beth Dotolo: This is impossible to answer, but if I had to give one I would say conceptually, the color purple because it defines creativity, although we rarely use purples in our designs. 

Carolina Gentry: It is impossible to have one! Our design style is represented by an array of 

                                                                                     - Beth Dotolo

SJ: Do You Use Color as a Dominant Role in your Designs or as Accents? 

BD: I like to use one color as a neutral base and fill in with accents for our clients. Color does guide many of our designs, but more as an accent and not a scheme, which keeps spaces flexible and adaptable. 

CG: I like using color as an accent in textiles for our clients. Color trends will come and go, so using it as an accent is a great way to be on trend without being married to any one style. 

SJHow Do You Feel about Matching Colors in a Room

BD: I typically like our designs to form organically and find that color schemes feel too contrived.

CG: While it's not my personal style, it has it's place depending on the client and the project. If it's a nursery, match a way! 

SJ: What Color Represents Your Personality

BD: I would be a rainbow of jewel tones -- something vibrant, yet calm!

CG: I would say my personality is represented by tonal colors because they are the most my style which is a little unexpected because people say I'm very energetic.

SJ: What Color Comes to Mind When You Talk About:

             Favorite City .....

BD: New York is red because it's so full of energy and never sleeps. The Big Apple! 

CGSan Miguel De Allende. I think fuchsia is perfect to represent all of the beautiful Bougainvilleas that cascade on the buildings. 

          The House You Grew Up In .....  

BD: The house I grew up in was brown, which feels like the perfect color to represent the old reliability of my soul. 

CGMy parents are avid art collectors so the house I grew up in would be a color wheel. Maybe this is why I can never pick just one color!


- Carolina Gentry

          The Last Fabulous Dinner You Had  ...... 

BD: The last fabulous dinner I had was at the top of the Rowan hotel in Palm Springs with Carolina, Bobby Berk, and his wonderful partner Dewy, and Catherine Sheppard. I think of yellow because it's the color of friendship and happiness. 

CGWe had an amazing dinner during Modernism Week with Beth and our friends Bobby Berk and Catherine Sheppard, which I’d give a caramel color to represent the moody dining space at the Rowan!  


                 Your Favorite Flower ....

BD: Flora Green for a succulent! 

CGRusty red for a protea -- I love that they’re structural and simple.

            Your Favorite Season ....

BD: Olive Green for fall - the air is crisp and my birthday is coming!

CGI think of white for spring because everything is brighter and I get excited about being able to wear white again

           Your Favorite Piece of Art .... 

BD: My favorite piece is the first original that I bought as an adult. It's this beautiful charcoal and oil painting, so I think of black and white. 

CGI can’t pick a single piece, but one that comes to mind is this abstract sketch and watercolor piece that I got at Alfies Antique Market in London. There’s a crazy backstory to this particular piece, but I think of cobalt blue like the watercolor.

            Your Favorite Room in A Home .... 

BD: The living room is my favorite room in a home because it's the place that family and loved ones come together to enjoy one another. I think of salmon because it represents joy and contentment. 

CGThe kitchen is definitely my favorite room. I spend a lot of time cooking and it’s truly the heart of the home. I think of white because you just can’t beat fresh white walls!

            Your Favorite Beauty Product .... 

BD: I think of blue to represent any hydrating or overnight mask. You have to replenish with all the travel we do for Pulp!

CGBlush for the La Lotion Essence de Rose by Dior… it’s amazing!

            Your Favorite Article of Clothing ... 

BD: My favorite piece in my closet right now is a pair of black Gucci loafers. Black is classic and can elevate any outfit and feels like the prefect color for investing in staple pieces, just as we do for clients! 

CGArmy green for any kind of lightweight jacket!

SJ: Name a Color You Never Use? 

BD: Never say never , but we rarely use yellow. 

CGThere isn’t any color that I would never use, but people tend to have a hard time with chartreuse. However, every color has its place when used in the right way!

SJ: Name a Color You Use Frequently? 

BD: We've been using touches of royal blue a lot recently! 

CG: Navy!

SJ: If You Could Pick a Name for a Color What Would It Be?

BD: Kismet - the name seems to be showing up in our lives and new collections a ton lately. 

CGCielo Blue, which means sky in Spanish!

SJ: Do You Have a Pet? What Color Reminds you of Him/Her? Do you Have a Nickname for this Pet? 

BD:  We have a cat named Boris who is very full of personality. His name really says it all. I think of jade green because of his eyes. 

CGA Frenchie named Ripsie! I think of black and white because that’s what she is!

SJ: What is the now Neutral? 

BD: Camel

CGA moody blue or tan!

SJ: What is Your Prediction of the Next Big Color Trends? 

BD: Lapis Blue has been huge color trend that is here to stay for awhile. 

CGA broad spectrum of blues, from moody to pale!

SJ: What are the Best Color Combinations? 

BD: I have been so into cobalt blue, black and tan and anything fuschia grounded by a good neutral. 

CGAny combination of neutrals always look amazing together. I also love burnt orange and indigo, and olive and blush.

SJ: Best Advise When It Comes to Picking Colors? 

BD: We do a lot of neutral paints accented with statement wallcoverings for our clients. Go with a rich neutral to ground your space as trends change. They're the easiest to work around, but sometimes the hardest to select because all of the nuances in shades. 

CGWe always pick paint colors for our clients in the actual space we will be using it. Lighting changes everything so it’s essential you see the color under the room’s natural light to get an idea of what it will look like.


- Pulp Design Studios


Friday, March 9, 2018

Hue Are You? with Mary Douglas Drysdale

                      Welcome to HUE ARE YOU

A weekly blog series exploring different creatives view on color and its use in interiors, art and design. We will dive deep into their obsessions with color. How and why they use color. You will get to know their stories and you may even gather some tips for using color in your own home. What is better than learning from the experts! 


Hue Are You? 
Designer Spotlight: Mary Douglas Drysdale

We are honored to have as our first guest Washington DC interior designer Mary Douglas Drysdale. One of America's top interior designers with more than 60 magazine covers, Mary's classic style bridges traditional with modern. Known for her architectural interiors, it is her bold use of color that makes her the perfect choice for our series plus she's a fabulous friend! 

                                                Photo: Ron Blunt
Susan Jamieson: What One Color Represents Your Design Style?

Mary Douglas Drysdale; Yellow, but not because it is my favorite color, it isn't. I think yellow represents my design style because it is to me a color of optimism and warmth, it is bold and works around the clock and from season to season. It is based in history, and one of Thomas Jefferson's favorite colors, being a Charlottesville girl, the Jefferson connection makes it in my mind perfectly classical. 

                                                              Photo: Gordon Beall

                                                                                         - MARY DOUGLAS DRYSDALE

Photo: Gordon Beall

SJ: Do You Use Color as a Dominant Role in Your Designs or as an Accent?

MDM: I think that I would have to say that I use it as an accent. I start my projects always by planning the spaces and developing the elevations. It is the architecture that always comes first for me. I really work hard on creating the balance and emphasis points via the architecture and I have always felt that it was a careful eye to the architectural aspects of a room that made the use of most any color easy. I think that the architecture supports the personality of any color. 

                                           Photo: Jeff McNamara

SJ: How Do You Feel about Matching Colors in a Room?

MDM: I never use a lot of different colors in a room. I like to use different values of two or three hues in the same room and bring in accents via highly decorative elements and most often via the use of bold and colorful art. 

                                               Photo: Peter Vitale
SJ: What Color Represents Your Personality? 

MDM: I think that I would have to say deep grey because there is depth to the color, a certain elegance with a calming steady sort of effect. I guess I would also say reliable and just a bit reserved. 


                                                           - MARY DOUGLAS DRYSDALE

Photo: Peter Vitale

SJ: What Color Comes to Mind When You Talk About.....


             Paris ......Hermes Orange

              The House You Grew Up In..... Oxford Road house in Charlottesville. My childhood bedroom was pink. 

               Last Fabulous Dinner You Had ..... The spring green found in blue hydrangeas

                Your Favorite Flower.....white roses

                Your Favorite Season ...... Fall, the color of leaves that turn red in the hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

                 Your Favorite Piece of Art ....  Art by Lyn Meyers, a deep cobalt blue

                                                  Photo: Ron Blunt
                 Your Favorite Beauty Product ... Channel nail polish/color du jour is 570 Androgyne

                  Your Favorite Article of Clothing .... A wonderful coat I own made by Oscar de la Renta. It is muted bronze toned leather on the outside with applied beaded detail and lambs wool on the inside. 

SJ: Name a Color You Never Use? 

MDM: Purple

SJ: Name a Color You Use Frequently? 

MDM: Sherwin Williams custom mixed blue which is mid-toned and lively, while feeling classical and beautiful. 

                                            Photo: Francesco Lagnese

SJ: Do you have a pet? 

MDM: Black and White. He is a Harlequin Great Dane and his name is Clifford. 

SJ: What is the Now Color Trend in your Opinion? 

MDM: I think rich brown is going to make a come back. 

                                              Photo: Alice Hoacklander
SJ: What are the best color combinations? 

MDM: Black and white is such a classic and America's favorite. I also like black and tan, brown and black and green and blue. 

Photo: Ron Blunt

                                     " I LIKE TO BRING IN THE UNEXPECTED " 

                                                                                  - MARY DOUGLAS DRYSDALE

Photo: Ron Blunt

SJ: Best Advise When It Comes to Picking Paint Colors? 

MDM: Don't follow trends, make sure that you sample every color you are going to consider selecting in big 3 foot by 3 foot swatches, and look at those colors, in the morning and in the evening carefully 24 hours after drying. Make sure that you look good in your room colors, and make sure that you look at a paint color with the textiles and surfaces that will be in the room. 

                                       Photo: Peter Vitale

SJ: Where Do You Draw Inspiration? 

MDM: Walking in the city, books on architectural history, design, and travel. 

SJ: Do you have a Signature Touch? 

MDM: Finding an extraordinary table or desk in the classic style and placing a surprising modern art work above. 



Thursday, January 25, 2018

Opening a Retail Store

2018 has started a new chapter at Bridget Beari with the opening of the Bridget Beari Home Store in Richmond Virginia. A retail shop full of all a wide selection of modern, vintage and custom pieces. 

As I collected pieces from all my travels to Mexico, abroad and in the States, it became more and more evident that I needed a place to showcase these finds. Opening a shop allows me to show all these specially handcrafted items to more than just my clients. 

We are showcasing products from all over the globe as well as local craftsmen from Virginia. 

I even have a few of my own designed pieces in the store such as the brass and cerused oak dining table. 

We also have a sample book of the Bridget Beari Papers wallpaper with samples to give out. Two walls even have the paper displayed - one grasscloth and one metallic. 

A large variety of pricing and selection. I needed a place where sourcing accessories was easier for me. Ordering accessories was taking too much time for my projects. I wanted to find unique pieces from all price points. 

Collecting art work is a real passion of mine and I happy to be showing a variety of artists both local and other areas. 

I want unique items that you might not see in other Richmond stores. I researched other stores in other cities and found that a more curated look allows customers to visualize the products in their own home. 

Our tag line is #livingthemix. Mixing antiques, custom and modern it is all about using and creating a eclectic mix through out your home not a one style decor. We hope to change our look throughout the year with the introduction of more vintage pieces. 

Products from Indonesia, Mexico, Charlottesville, VA, California and beyond. 

I also love the idea of reintroducing the faux plant. It is a great way to have greenery that will not die in your home. This is not your mother's fake flowers. We will be doing workshops to show you how to create your own arrangements.

And of course our paints which is what really prompted the move to retail. From metallics to regular wall paint we have it all in 200 custom Bridget Beari colors with staff ready to help you with all your paint questions and needs. Plus we will be doing all sorts of workshops with special guests to show you secrets to getting the right paint color. 

Come in for free advice on paint colors for your home. Bring your fabrics we would love to help. 

So even if you are not a Bridget Beari interior design client you can enjoy shopping the look at our new Home Store! We hope to see you soon.