Tuesday, September 22, 2015

5 Tips to make a BIG Impact in a Room

If you could only change a few things in a room to make the most impact, what would they be? Here are my top 5 changes that will make the most impact in a room. 

#1  In a small room, take a big risk. 

Whether you add color or pattern to the floor, walls or ceiling, this is a way to create drama. 

Add pattern with a horizontal yellow toned stripes in a narrow hall 

#2 Use an unexpected paint color

Punch up the volume with your paint color - Go Bold! 

Interior Design by Bunny Williams 

#3 Add Dimmers

Nothing brings more impact to a room than light. Dimmers on overheads and lamps create perfect moods while enhancing the items in the room that matter. 

Interior by Jean Louis Denoit

#4  Create a Collection

Grouping items of the same color or type create a dymanic visual impact in a room. Plus it is a great conversation piece. 

Love the candlesticks across the top of these bookcases. 

image from Carla Aston

#5 Replace your standard mirror with something more unique

You can use an antique or something more modern. It can be overscale or smaller. 

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Sunday, September 6, 2015

What's in Your Bag?

The thing I love most about the start of fall is changing purses. I love the feeling of packing up the old and starting new. I seem to have a hard time making a purse choice - they are either too big or too small so its a big deal when I find one I like. 

Here is my latest choice, a Ramy Brooks from the Hunter Collective in Atlanta. 

I love the blue and grey multi color and texture. 

But what is inside the bag you ask ……

I have my Mason Pearson hair brush. I've loved these brushes since I was in my teens. My Gucci sunglasses with the chain link gold sides - LOVE. My Jonathan Adler coin purse - I have too much change but I try to use it up for small purchases. 

Keys to 2 cars - Range Rover or Porsche. I never know which one I will feel like driving. Chanel lipstick - the color, Antigua, a classic. 

Louis Vuitton card holder for all those membership cards and juice drink cards

Check out the killer orange stripes on the inside of this purse. Multiple pockets and zippers are a must to keep me organized. 

Inside those zipper pockets I keep my beauty essentials - Aesop hand lotion, Yves St. Laurent Volupte lipstick in Sheer Candy for a nude shade, a sharpie for quick sketches, Rosebud Salve - for chapped lips, pressed powder from Jane Iredale for a quick touch up, and the specs from icuteyewear which are becoming more and more useful this year. 

My Mexico Shades from Retro Super - just in case I need a different  look. I'm never without my moleskin notebook. Whether I'm sketching, taking notes on the job site or just quick thoughts,  it is a must in my bag. 

This is the best wallet from Brahmin,  faux croc in black. Never wears out and always closes. It's been around for a while and still looks good. 

A couple of more things - a small tape measure for checking  sizes while I'm out shopping and a cute business card holder. You never know who you might meet. 

I try to carry light but it is still a heavy load. I always want to be prepared. Let me know what your must have is in your purse. 

Happy Fall …….

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Time to Give Up Coffee

I'm ready to start my anual removal of coffee from my diet. I've found this new tea called Matcha. I can't wait to give it a try. The landscape is so beautiful and Zen in this video - it must be good - right?

I'll check back and let you know how it is going. Namaste!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bridget Beari Picks on 1stdibs

Bridget Beari's Top Picks from 1stdibs for the week of July 27th

Check out these incredible pieces. I'm planning design scheme with them already. 
                                             Jean Claude Mahey 1970's lacquered chest

 A high gloss navy chest with gold stripes - divine! 

Carmel velvet Bergere chairs with twisted feet. 

Twisted and swirls brass pendant

Hand woven wool in golds, creams and greens. 

It's all about the search and the find. 

Happy Shopping........

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Looking Back at Cat Rock Mountain

One of my favorite projects was a mountain house outside Charlottesville on Cat Rock Mountain. I stumbled across some photos on Pinterest and it reminded me how much I loved that house. 

The perfect blend of causal and livable design and lifestyle. We sourced some wonderful antiques for this home. The search is what makes it so much fun. The architect was Bob Steele of BOB Architecture in Richmond, Virginia. 

If only it had some Bridget Beari Colors on the wall and it would be perfect but alas that was not invented at this time. 

 I did have wallpaper in some of the rooms and beautiful warm colors. I do remember installing this job on Christmas Eve and loosing my purse on the highway as we stopped to rescue a dog but that's another story. 

Gorgeous heart pine floors and cabinets with an Aga cooker in the back. That kitchen was perfect for their family of 6. When they had house guests the number would rise from 6 to at least 12. All the dining tables extended to accommodate the crowds. Even the limestone top on the patio that was craned over the house and hand carved. It is a stunner. 

I love mixing the old and the new in furniture and art. 

Thanks to Southern Living for the magazine article in October of 2008. An oldy but a goody. 

Thanks for following me on a trip down memory lane. 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Time for a New Car?

Where have I been? Little did I know that my favorite Dutch interior designer has been collaborating with Range Rover since 2006. It must not be a sales pitch in Virginia but it would have sold me.

Not only was I lucky enough to meet this handsome man last Spring but I was able to tour one of his new apartments in New York. It was a true inspiration and pleasure. Thank you to Dominic Lepere for the invitation. 

I'm sure the styling is to perfection as all his interiors are clean and without fuss. He is master of organically simple and thoughtful design. 

He helped in the redesign of the 2011 Piet Boon Range Rover, the 2012 defender and the 2007 Defender. 

I wonder if that camo color is a signature color for his design. 

and the camouflage interior....

Here's the Range Rover...

and the Defender...

Next time I go in for service for my RR I'm going to ask if they have one on the floor or if they even know about it. I hope so. I'd love to see if in person. 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Bridget Beari's Top 5 Rules for Furniture Arrangement

When designing a room and arranging the furniture, there are some stand by rules that apply. Although sometimes the most interesting rooms are the ones that refuse to be confined.

 I like to start with these 5 principles and then work from there. 

1. Define A Focal Point

In this room the primary focal point is the fireplace. The furniture is placed parallel to this wall. Floating away from the window wall and the 2 klismos chairs floating across from the sofa. 

2. Remember the Traffic Flow

Even in a small room the furniture most not block your everyday walk through of the room. Decide how you move through the room and leave space. 

3. Create more than one Conversational Grouping

You want to create as many groupings as you can in a room. This allows you to use the whole room not just the area around the focal point. In this room there is the sofa seating area and the area in the foreground with 2 chairs. There is also a desk and chair area behind the sofa in the corner.  

This trick keeps the room interesting and lively. 

4. Keep Seating off the Walls

       Float the furniture if possible. There is nothing worse than an empty middle space in a room. Use ottomans or cubes to provide additional seating in a empty space. 

5. Use Architectural or Furniture Elements to Divide the Space

I love to use draperies or screens to define spaces. You can easily create different areas of function  and privacy. 

I hope these Bridget Beari rules help you in your own projects! Once you master these rules, you can venture off from there.  Until next time .....