Monday, July 6, 2015

Time for a New Car?

Where have I been? Little did I know that my favorite Dutch interior designer has been collaborating with Range Rover since 2006. It must not be a sales pitch in Virginia but it would have sold me.

Not only was I lucky enough to meet this handsome man last Spring but I was able to tour one of his new apartments in New York. It was a true inspiration and pleasure. Thank you to Dominic Lepere for the invitation. 

I'm sure the styling is to perfection as all his interiors are clean and without fuss. He is master of organically simple and thoughtful design. 

He helped in the redesign of the 2011 Piet Boon Range Rover, the 2012 defender and the 2007 Defender. 

I wonder if that camo color is a signature color for his design. 

and the camouflage interior....

Here's the Range Rover...

and the Defender...

Next time I go in for service for my RR I'm going to ask if they have one on the floor or if they even know about it. I hope so. I'd love to see if in person. 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Bridget Beari's Top 5 Rules for Furniture Arrangement

When designing a room and arranging the furniture, there are some stand by rules that apply. Although sometimes the most interesting rooms are the ones that refuse to be confined.

 I like to start with these 5 principles and then work from there. 

1. Define A Focal Point

In this room the primary focal point is the fireplace. The furniture is placed parallel to this wall. Floating away from the window wall and the 2 klismos chairs floating across from the sofa. 

2. Remember the Traffic Flow

Even in a small room the furniture most not block your everyday walk through of the room. Decide how you move through the room and leave space. 

3. Create more than one Conversational Grouping

You want to create as many groupings as you can in a room. This allows you to use the whole room not just the area around the focal point. In this room there is the sofa seating area and the area in the foreground with 2 chairs. There is also a desk and chair area behind the sofa in the corner.  

This trick keeps the room interesting and lively. 

4. Keep Seating off the Walls

       Float the furniture if possible. There is nothing worse than an empty middle space in a room. Use ottomans or cubes to provide additional seating in a empty space. 

5. Use Architectural or Furniture Elements to Divide the Space

I love to use draperies or screens to define spaces. You can easily create different areas of function  and privacy. 

I hope these Bridget Beari rules help you in your own projects! Once you master these rules, you can venture off from there.  Until next time .....

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Chateau Soleil

I love a good show house and the Atlanta Decorator's Show House never disappoints. This year the designer's revamped the Chateau Soleil for 2015 last April and May. 

I'll show you a couple of my favorite details: 

Living Room: 

Loved this Fromental wallpaper. I'm usually not a pink and green fan but the addition of this navy blue was stunning. 


Master Bedroom 

Simple clean - love the leaning art

Family Room

orange and dark charcoal plus geometrics

Living Room

Collage walls are all over this year

                                                                Dining Room

              mixing fabrics on backs and fronts of chairs

Bar light fixture

star burst fixtures

Master Bath

Mirrors hung on mirrors

Powder Room

loved the wallpaper and the custom vanity

Guest Room

wallpapered ceilings and painted interior doors in contrasting colors

Back Hall

cork flooring

Phillip Jefferies wallpaper

Celerie Kemble's zebra grasscloth from Schumacher

I hope you enjoyed another show house through the eyes of Bridget Beari! 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

2015 Kips Bay Designer House

It's an annual adventure to NYC for ICFF and the Kips Bay show house. It's the best in furniture, accessories, lighting and interior design. This year the show house was in the Arthur Sachs Mansion on East 55th @ 66th. A 5 story 9,600 sqft. Beaux Arts style townhouse that will be open from May 14th - June 11th. 

A beautiful exterior shot - love the detailing and ironwork. 

One of my favorite rooms was the master bedroom by David Phoenix. 

The upholstered walls and wallpapered ceiling. Neutral and rich at the same time. 

The fireplaces were original to the house. 

I loved the linen bedding and the way the canopy was connected to the ceiling. 

Detailing on the canopy side panels. 

The inside of these bookcases are dark stained wood not black. They make a real statement in the room. 

Here is the Alan Tanksley study  - beautiful trim work

I loved these giraffe sculptures they made into planters. 

Bedroom by Cathy Kincaid  - light airy, blue and white porcelain, high gloss ceiling, nice detailing. 

Beautiful details inside the canopy top

Trim on the drapery

Tilton Fenwick back hall - I love hallways. They create such unusual and interesting spaces to design in. Here they used their fabric from Duralee on the walls

Notice the flat braid on the door jamb and chair rail. 

Master Bath by Peter Sinnott

Orange detail stripe and accent color. 

High gloss cabinets

Textured ceiling and that orange stripe detail. 

The Dining Room by Mark Sikes - red white and blue

Kitchen by Christopher Peacock - the argyle style mosaic pattern over the range mixed with dark stained cabinets. 

I loved the copper pot details. 

The end of the island had an organic tree trunk slab. 

Bedroom by Alessandra Branca

Another red room - I loved the artwork. 

My favorite space was the 5 story staircase in the center of the house. Brilliantly done by Phillip Mitchell

They used all of the art from the designers own collection and others in the firm. The art was hung salon style  -Sculpture, oil, photography all mixed together over top of this textured wallpaper. 

Looking down

My favorite piece  - the lone photography in the big lucite frame. 

A funny cartoon on the art wall: "These draperies have to go. They clash with my Cerruti suit."

Looking UP...

Another beautiful and inspiring Kips Bay house.