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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Anatomy of a Room - #2 Daryl Carter

This is the second post in my series called Anatomy of a Room, where I break down a room to tell you why it works. This week we will showcase Daryl Carter, a DC designer. Daryl's tag line is the "new traditional"but I think he is the master of creating the unexpected in terms of furniture arrangements, mixing of styles and simplicity. 

Look at this living room: 

photo via Elle Decor

What works: 

1. Simple base of black and white

Notice how he white washes the room in white - walls, ceilings, trim even the valances on the windows. This unifies the room. The accents of black - long panels, art, lamp shade and armoire help pull your eye from one side of the room to the other. This makes the room seem warmer. 

2. Mixing furniture styles while keeping fabrics similar in color

Notice the 2 sofas are more of a contemporary style mixed with farm tables, pine coffee tables, planked armoire, Chippendale chairs. The fabrics are similar from piece to piece but the vary in texture from the sofa to the wing chair. Even the sisal rug and hide rugs are of similar color. This technique gives the room a softness in contrast to the black and white. 

photo via Elle Decor

He is such a master at combining styles from animal heads and Early American art, textures of stone bowls against wood grains, black velvet and linen. His style is current but rooms are filled with antiques. It is just a brilliant mix. 

3. Creating two seating arrangements in one long room

This can be difficult for most people but notice how Daryl's sofa choice of 2 low backed sofa doesn't stop the flow but allows the room to function as one. The single sisal rug helps unify the space as well but repeating 2 hides in the individual spaces keeps them separate. There are many pieces in this room but the similar color of even the accessories keeps it from looking too busy. 

photo via Elle Decor

Here is the master mixer himself. 

photo via Elle Decor

I hope you can use some of these tips to work on your own home. 

Until next time.....

Happy Designing 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Kips Bay Showhouse NYC

While in NYC for the the Modenus Blog Tour trip we visited the annual New York Kips Bay Designer House. What a treat! There are always some great over the top rooms. Take a peak:

Bridget Beari in NYC from Bridget Beari Designs on Vimeo.

What is your favorite room? What makes a great showhouse room? We have this discussion at the office all the time. Should they be pretty? Intriguing? Cutting edge?

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

Friday, July 11, 2014

DC Designer House

As we gear up here in Richmond for the 2014 Richmond Symphony Designer House I thought we would look back on the DC Designer House in which I participated on the selection committee. It was so much fun to be behind the scenes and watch the designers create fabulous rooms from concept boards, what a great professional we are in. 

DC Designer House from Bridget Beari Designs on Vimeo.

You'll even see Barry Dixon signing his book in one shot. I think my favorite room was the blue cabinets in the butler's pantry/wine room. That blue color was stunning! 

                                 Enjoy the Video! 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Design Tourist blogs on Bridget Beari Papers

If you don't follow the Design Tourist Karen LeBlanc you should. Karen's visits all the hot design shows and events. She gives you weekly design finds and exclusive interviews with the design industry's stars! 

This is one of my favorite episodes from the London design show! 

Not only is she creative, a brilliant writer, and a marvelous host she is so genuine and sweet too. 

She also looks flawless. I followed her around one day at Highpoint and she never touch up her hair or makeup even before she went on air - Amazing! She even gave me some TV makeup tips. 

I was so honored when she asked to do a blog on the Bridget Beari Colors and Papers. It was brilliant.

Here is Karen's Blog post......

Great Taste in Decor & Good Deeds Inspire New Wallpaper Collections by Bridget Beari Designs

Bridget Beari Papers by Susan M. Jamieson, ASID owner of Bridget Beari Designs
The wallpaper renaissance I’m seeing in home fashion is fueled by strong hues, bold graphics and creative applications. The latest looks in wallpaper are elevating wall coverings to wall art with texture, sheen, color and interesting imagery. I also think today’s wallpaper enthusiasm is gaining traction as a fresh alternative to faux finish fatigue. How many more marbleized and aged patina painted walls can we stomach, seriously?
Bridget Beari Papers by Susan M. Jamieson, ASID owner of Bridget Beari Designs
Bridget Beari Papers by Susan M. Jamieson, ASID owner of Bridget Beari Designs
 Interior Designer Susan Jamieson, ASID  is a color expert with her own line of custom paints, Bridget Beari Colors, and designer wallpapers, Bridget Beari Papers. In the interest of full disclosure, Susan is a dear friend but I objectively admire her work tremendously.
Design TV Host & Blogger Karen LeBlanc with Susan M. Jamieson, ASID owner of Bridget Beari Designs
Susan agrees that wallpaper these days  is not just flowers and scenes but geometrics and textural finishes. “In general, pattern is back but the use of wallpaper allows for walls to take on a whole new look. They can be accents or bold statements,” says Jamieson. As a go-to design tool, wallpaper revives a tired, outdated room and hides imperfections in the wall.
Bridget Beari Papers by Susan M. Jamieson, ASID owner of Bridget Beari Designs
Bridget Beari Papers features geometric designs created for a bold dramatic look. Susan says Buscemi (the agate design) has already been used on ceilings, accents walls, and furniture. The latest uses of wallpaper aren’t about pasting the walls with paper from floor to ceiling but rather clever, creative, original applications. I asked Susan to share her Top Five Wallpaper Ideas:
Bridget Beari Papers by Susan M. Jamieson, ASID owner of Bridget Beari Designs

1. Use wallpaper as an accent behind shelves in a bookcase
2. If you are afraid of too much wallpaper, then frame out the wallpaper into sections with molding.
3. Accent a fireplace wall or cover a piece of furniture.
4. Use wallpaper on a ceiling for maximum drama
5. Textured wallpaper should accent your design while floral and geometric should be the focus of the design scheme. Always pick one item whether it is fabric or wallpaper for focus in a room.

Bridget Beari Papers by Susan M. Jamieson, ASID owner of Bridget Beari Designs
Bridget Beari Papers by Susan M. Jamieson, ASID owner of Bridget Beari Designs
Picking the perfect color or wallpaper for your living space is tricky business so Susan created an app to help with hue selection. You can download the app by clicking here.

Her Bridget Beari exclusive colors number more than 200 and are available in four collections: Classic, Modern, Exotic and Metallic. On her blog, Susan offers 66 color rules to help with hue selection.
Here are Susan’s Top Five Paint Color Rules:
Temper Hot Colors with Cool Colors
A Perfect Match is Not Always the Best Choice
Create your Own Crowning Moment
Go Mono
Always Save paint for touch ups
Susan’s color and wallpaper lines are a distillation of more than 20 years tweaking colors and patterns to get the perfect look for her clients. When I first met her, I asked why her color and paper collections don’t carry her namesake.
Susan M. Jamieson, ASID owner of Bridget Beari Designs with her dog LulaBelle
Susan M. Jamieson, ASID owner of Bridget Beari Designs with her dog LulaBelle
It’s because Susan wanted to draw altruistic attention  to animals. She named all of her paints and wallpapers after pet names—animals that she has met through her clients and friends and she donates 10% of sales to animal rescue groups. (Bridget and Beari are dogs.)  Other quirky names include “Ting Tong”, “Loki”, Touch Pooch Penny” and more.

                    I hope you enjoyed the post and will watch Karen on the Design Network. It's a great show for all you design fans!  

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Creating Mood Boards with Nous Decor

Another interesting find during NYC Blog Tour with Modenus was Nous Decor, similar to Pinterest and Olioboard, it is a great tool for creating room concepts. 

Here is how it works: 

1. You can create a board from Scratch or use an inspiration photo to find similar objects

I chose this photo of an office from Atlanta Homes Magazine

Then you use the tool bar and search by color, size, price for items that are similar or even exact. You can also add your on pictures to the page. 

What is also cool it that adds the retail pricing for each item and a source. All of mine came from 1stdibs. 

Drevopodnik bookcases $8900

Vintage Scandinavian rug $3600

Italian Sputnik chandelier

Donald Sultan Art

1940's desk Chair

Lucite Desk

It totals up the price of the room as well. This room was $31,200. There is also a place to leave your boards for others to give you suggestions. 

What a great new tool! Give it a try at Nous Decor

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The House that Plastics Built

While at ICFF in New York we met Grace Jeffers, the Manhattan art historian and Formica Expert at the Wilson Art booth. Although they were highlighting the student chair competition ( which was impressive ) I was more interested in the back drop, a glimpse of a mid century motif. 

When asked about the backdrop Grace told us of the story of the Ralph and Sunny Wilson home in Temple Texas. Ralph Wilson was the founder of Wilson Art then names Ralph Wilson Plastics. He created this home as a test and showcase of all the laminates could do. 

When hired by Wilson Art to help build their corporate archives she was invited to see the house before they tore it down. She begged them to save and renovate the property which now stands as a supreme example of 1950's architecture and products. It is the youngest house on the National Historic Registry. 

Check out the images of this home so Brady Bunch! 

Some of these images remind me of homes in Richmond that I have worked on. It is a remarkable save and one of the highlights of the Modenus Blog Tour NYC.

All photos from Wilson Art

Watch this video for more information on this home: 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

History of a Fabric House Giant

Another highlight of Blog Tour NYC was our visit to the Donghia showroom in the D&D building. Although I sell Donghia fabrics and furniture regularly I wasn't as familiar with the history and WOW what a history. 

Angelo Donghia started Donghia Associates by 1972. He was both friends and clients with Halston, Ralph Lauren,Diana Ross, Barbara Walters to name a few celebrities at the time. His love of fabrics lead him to establish Vice Versa fabrics in 1976 and later Donghia Textiles in 1980.  ( I remember this from my days as an intern - pricing fabric flat folds ) 

Watch this interview for better view of his vision and brilliance.  

I found these incredible watercolor renderings by R.Martin of spaces he designed or intended to design. Could have been when he was with Yale Burge Interiors as a partner. How incredible!

Thank you Donghia for a fabulous history lesson!