Friday, February 17, 2017

What is Bridget Beari Dreaming About...Copper Tubs!

                     8 of the Best Copper Tubs!

There is nothing better than a luxurious bathroom. It doesn't need to be large just inviting and relaxing. I love designing bathrooms and I have been researching copper tubs for a new project renovation. There are so many choices that I have narrowed now my search to my top 8.

Here is a beautiful project from Mexico - rustic but classic!

photo from the New York Times

I love the different shapes, outside and inside materials, and especially the blacken one. All are available on the www.signature site less the first one from Waterworks. Any of the top 8 will be a stunning choice for this renovation. Check back to see the before and after come together! 

Happy Designing! 

Friday, February 3, 2017

Bridget Beari's Top 10 Flush Mount Picks

What's the most difficult part of being an interior designer? Finding the products you need and for me finding good flush mount light has always been a challenge. Here are a few of my top picks to make selecting a little easier for you! 

What makes a good flush mount? 

1. Enough light. Nothing is worse than dim light. 

2. Depth or lack of depth. Sometimes you need something shallow. 

3. Style. I need something modern one day and then traditional for the next project. 

4. LED. something that has LED capabilities is always helpful for those hard to change the bulb spots. 

                                                                Happy Shopping!


Sunday, January 29, 2017

What is Bridget Beari Dreaming about... a larder?

After visiting KBIS in Orlando this month, I am seeing the revival of the Larder cabinet in kitchen designs. This word comes from the French word for bacon therefore a place to store meat before refrigerators. The word today is used to describe a pantry or food storage similar to a pantry but it a stand alone unit or cabinet. 

I love the idea and can't wait to incorporate one into my next kitchen design. Below are a few examples, they range from food to plate storage to more of a coffee station.   

I've even come up with the best Bridget Beari Colors that would be perfect for a larder or kitchen cabinets. Don't forget to order your fan decks so you can create beautiful rooms in Bridget Beari Colors too! 

Happy Designing! 

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Making Picking Colors Easy

Looking for the best paint colors? Give Bridget Beari Colors a try. We've done the selecting for you. All the best blues, greens, whites..... They range from subtle to bold, modern to exotic and even metallic paint.  Perfect for whole rooms and for accents walls or front doors. 

Here are some of our favorite neutrals for wall colors: 

1. Bridget Beari Colors Bubble No.4

The perf.ect pale pale pink for a living room or bedroom.

      2. Bridget Beari Colors Newman No.32

Love this grey for cabinets

     3. Bridget Beari Colors Snowball No. 2

First choice for a gorgeous white trim color

4. Bridget Beari Colors Water Bowl No. 47

Soothing and pale is blue is a winner

5. Bridget Beari Colors Goose Muffin No.3

Love this for ceilings. 

Don't forget our paints are named for pets of all sorts from dogs and cats to birds and horses. We give a money back to rescue organizations from the sale of the paint. So if you are passionate about animals and color, this is your paint! 

Email us anytime for a help with color or paint. We can ship the paint to you. 

If you've finished a project in our paint, don't forget to tag us on Instagram @bridgetbeari. We love seeing our paint in action. If you happen to be at the Georges Inn in Lexington Virginia, remember all the guest rooms are in Bridget Beari Colors. 

Happy Painting! 

Friday, January 20, 2017

What's Bridget Beari Dreaming About - Layering?

I love the idea for layering different wallpaper patterns on top of one another to create "layers". Layering is one of the most important techniques in the interior design profession. It gives the room interest and depth but I'm wondering if I can layer a wall without it becoming busy and chaotic. 

Similar size patterns or various sizes? I'm not sure which is best. I think the best layering of a room is Kit Kemp's hotel design. Full of pattern- fabrics and wallpaper. 

photo from SFgirlbybay

This is Suzanne Shade who created wallpaper from photos. The geometric pattern holds the images together as a grouping. Toile, photos and color. 

Rough Luxe Hotel in London

We could look at the old masters. Texture and pattern in a vintage feel. 

Or Howard Slatkin in a more Moroccan feel. The patterns are purposely placed between moldings not necessarily layered but adjoining. 

I am toying with this idea for a Spring Bridget Beari Collection. Mixing the patterns together in one paper or for a showhouse. I think it could be a brilliant idea! 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Anatomy of a Room - Parisian style

In this series I take rooms I love and break them down into key points that make the room work visually, artistically and architecturally. 

This room is a Parisian apartment designed by interior designer Jean Louis Denoit. He is known for his classic style with a contemporary twist but what I love the most about JLD style is his fearless mixing of patterns and antiques. 

This is why is this living room works so well:

                                               photo - ELLE DECOR

1. Tones of blues
                 He starts this palette with blue tones, light to dark, robins egg to federal blue to black. Repeating the colors with just the right balance in the walls, carpet and ceiling. The stronger accents of black are in the etageres and sculpture bases to anchor the room. He adds gold to warm up the room but soft enough to continue his feminine palette. Just an odd touch of green to mix it up. Nothing is too perfect. He is also not afraid to mix the metals, silver mirror over the mantel with gold etageres, chandelier and sconces. 

2. Scale   
               I love his use of over scaled ceiling patterns to match the rug pattern. All the architectural details were added to the room as the apartment was completely gutted. The large molding on the ceiling against the perfectly scaled picture molding on the walls and dental molding. A beautiful contrast. His furniture pieces move throughout the room from high - etageres and sculpture to mid range - lamps and art to low - seating. The seating seems to be all in the same plane. Curves of the sofas balanced against the curves of the chairs. Not to mention how this all relates to the ceiling and carpet curves - brilliant! 


3. Antiques with modern pieces

Although many of this pieces are high end, antiques or custom I was surprised to find some Arteriors, Osborne and Little, and Vaughan modern pieces added in. Things that we all can purchase but mixed in they look as expensive as the antiques. Original art and sculpture along side marble carved mantels and mid century lamps. It is a real art to be able to combine elements so beautifully. 

4. Balancing act

The room is symmetrical with 2 lamps, 2 sofas, 2 tables but it does not feel stagnant. By using the 3 pieces of pottery on the back console your eye looks at the green pot then the strong blue small pillow that pulls your eye from the glass sculpture on the wall. The shapes repeat from the circular moldings on the wall to the sculpture over the console and the rectangular picture molding repeats on the sofa flat braid. Different scales but thoughtfully placed. I also love the white accents of trim on the sofa, crystals on the chandelier and moldings. It gives the room a beautiful ice palace effect. 


This is one of my favorite rooms of all time. I love studying the pieces- accessories, color, and scale. 

Thank you for reading Anatomy of a Room! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of Jean Louis Denoit's Parisian apartment. 

Friday, January 6, 2017

What is Bridget Beari Dreaming About?

I've been planning and scheming all last year for a client to love this mural concept as much as I do. I've done the wallpaper murals - more formal affect which I love but this treatment is what I am dreaming about! 

I love this loose sketched look with open air between the leaves and over-scaled floral patterns. 


I was really close on one job but it never came to fruition. I'm hoping 2017 will be the year!

I love the black and white reverse sketch too. 


                                        Sepia would not disappoint as well. 

The more loose the better. I can see this in a dining room, powder room or an accent over a fireplace mantel. So many possibilities for this beauty. 

Do you love this as much as me? Let me know your thoughts.