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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Richmond Symphony Designer House 2014

 The 2014 Richmond Symphony Designer House is now open for viewing. Bridget Beari is showcasing our new wallpaper line in the entry foyer. 

The wall pattern is called Loki in Bastille Brass. Normally a vertical paper we ran this one horizontal withe a painted stripe between. The stripe and ceiling are painted our color Space M28 from the Modern deck. 

Thanks to H.J. Holtz and Son specifically Jeff, Logan, Brian and Ray for their expert hanging and painting skills. They are truly the best. Jeff never says no to all my crazy ideas! 

On the ceiling we enlarged the Loki pattern and hand trimmed it to apply the starburst pattern. Also our newest wallpaper Wellington is on the stair risers. 

The antique mirror transom was a great addition to the space. It reflect the chandelier and gives a softness to the wall. 

This is our newest case piece, the black cerused Greek Key chest with the metal base. It's a beauty! 

The smokey Madonna is a photograph digital altered by a London artist. 

The chandelier is the focal point of the design. Custom made by Doug McDonald with 1800 ft. of gold chain and LED lighting. It is a stunner! 

The upper hall showcases our Buscemi pattern on the wall behind the bar chest, Andi Helfant fire nude and antique sconces with acrylic backplates designed by BBD, Aerin Lauder pendant hangs in this space as well. 

All wallpapers and paints are available at Palette both here in Richmond and Charlottesville. 

Antique bench and mirrored wall panels set off the corner. We have mixed antiques - sconces, intaglios, and the bench with contemporary pieces like the bar, Indonesian pot, urns, hand blown glass, wallpaper and hand made pieces like the chandelier and chest. 

I love the mix!  

The effect of the wallpaper on the walls and ceiling gives off a Deco feel  - Great Gatsby  - Hampton's white party. The white draperies are 18ft. long! Beautifully detailed on the bottom with 2 grey stripes of varying widths and lined in a separate fabric. 

Hand painted motifs on the sisal rug. 

Succulent planters

Virginia beach Artist Andi Helfant-Fryes nude pastel on black paper. 

Gorgeous hand blown vases by Ryan Golthrup. One is up for the raffle! Check out our Winston Charcoal MT11 metallic paint on the baseboards. 

We can't get over the complements and wow's over this chest! 

Our Indonesian pot painted in Bridget Beari Snowball No2 from Fine Paints of Europe. 

Beautiful paint urns from South of Market in Atlanta. The perfect contrast to the wallpaper and the white draperies. 

A look back to the front door for the wallpaper detail over the double doors and the wood block screen prints in black and white

So many details and so many people to thank who made this beautiful foyer come to life! 

Come out it for yourself and check out all of the other spaces!  

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Designer Sketches

As we head into the final week of preparation for the 2014 Richmond Symphony Designer House I am thrilled with the results and can't wait to show it to you but of course it is top secret until reveal time. 

Here are the 3 sketches I did for the proposed rooms in the home. 

Number #1 choice was for the foyer: ( which I was rewarded )

Sweeping curved staircase
25 ft. ceilings
The prefect place to show off our new Bridget Beari Papers - Loki and Buscemi

gold, grey and white were the colors of choice
playing with over scaled items, mixing antiques and modern pieces, custom making a few as well ( chandelier, columns, glass vases, sconces, and chest )
Touch of art deco
Flowing, sparkle and modern glamour would be the adjectives I would use to describe this room

Number #2 choice was the dining room: 

Showcasing our Roux pattern in Winston Charcoal
mirrored elgomise ceiling
marble top table
mixing chairs between upholstery, metal and fur
Painted sisal rug 

It was charcoal and white but glam all over! 

Number #3 choice was the study:

Our Keebet pattern in Truffle for an accent wall
Out Bridget Beari Metallic - Cooper's Copper for the ceiling
More of an asian minimal feel -almost organic or boho
That's a day bed in the center of the room

Which design would you have chosen? 

Hope to see you out at the 2014 Richmond Designer House! 
If you see me there and mention you read my blog I have a gift for you! 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Hill and Holler Dinner with Jackson Browne

I've watched different dinners happen over the past year at the "roving Farm Dinner" event called Hill and Holler in Charlottesville. Not a far drive but long enough that it would take something special to get me there. This event was special enough that I pulled the trigger - Dave Mathew's Farm, Bleinheim vineyards, Environmental Working Group for the non-profit, Kyle Bailey from Birch & Barley in DC and none other than Jackson Browne for a private concert! 

We rented a limo and off we went! 

It was an interesting selection of wine, beers and ciders from both Blenheim, King Family vineyards Foggy Ridge ciders. 

Beautiful Tent for a seated dinner of 120.  

The views from the farm were breathtaking - it really showed off how beautiful Virginia is. 

All local farm to table items

The passed butternut squash soup was delightful!

A glimpse of the farm house

Beautiful views!

Working farm and gardens

Here's our chef - Kyle cooking the beef tenderloin. 

The dessert cider was really good! 

The tents were amazing! 

Every dinner sponsors one non-profit group and this one was The Environmental Working Group - helping to clean the environment. The CEO is friends with Jackson Browne from lobbying in DC with him and Bonnie Rait. 

Check out the metal straws ...

We were serenaded by Jackson Browne while we dined on pickled watermelon rind and arugula salad, tomatoes and mozzarella, roasted chicken, pasta with lamb chunks, beef tenderloin, and crushed up poundcake with ricotta for dessert. 

While venturing to the WC we even met Mr. Browne face to face. What a fun event! 

I ended up with only one picture of the food. I guess it was so good we ate it faster than I could photograph. It was family style dining so it was hard it get a single picture of the dish. 

What a great way to end the summer with a special dinner in the beautiful Virginia countryside! 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Dining at Hartwood in Tulum

Dinner on the Beach in Tulum

Although it was hard to venture away from Casa Yakunah and the fabulous food from Antonio our chef. One afternoon we went into town for some shopping and then stopped at Hartwood. 

This restaurant is the brain child of 
Eric Werner and partner Mya from New York. I love that they picked up and left the city for Tulum. What a beautiful place! 

The restaurant is an open air style - no traditional kitchen here only wood stoves and prep tables. Look at this sketch May did for the concept: 

sketch from the

Habernero pineapple margaritas, mushroom tart, Pulpo, Whole red Snapper, Mayan Chocolate pudding  and more …..

Wood tables with arbors  - white rock floor on the jungle side of the road. 

I loved the fresh juices! 

Of course ours included alcohol unlike the skinny cute girl at the table next to us who only ordered green drinks. 

Notice the lanterns over the farm tables - buckets of fresh fruits and veggies. Herbs hanging from the ceiling. Swinging intense lanterns to keep the flys away. 

These are the menus ….

The water was delicious too! If we could only find this in the states - Delish! 

Check out the row of spices

                                Our squid salad

Bonefish ceviche

Definitely worth a trip next time you travel to Tulum! Nothing like dining at the beach. 

                     Happy Dining and Traveling .......