Sunday, November 4, 2007

Displaying Collections

Clients often struggle with how to display their collections. Collections can vary from plates, coins, pottery, silver, artwork, boxes or anything else you can dream of. The proper way to display collections are in groups. Grouping the items allows the collection to be showcased as well as make a dramatic statement.

Hanging collections on the wall is one way to display them. The majolica plates shown here accent the colors of the artwork. They fill up the negative space around the painting to make the wall come alive with color.

Adding decorative items such as brackets help break up the repetition of objects.

Building special racks or units to house the collections is another way to show them off. These pewter platters are accented in their own vertical rack.

Whatever your collection may be, find a way to group those items for an interesting wall arrangement and you be surprised at the impact!

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