Saturday, January 21, 2017

Making Picking Colors Easy

Looking for the best paint colors? Give Bridget Beari Colors a try. We've done the selecting for you. All the best blues, greens, whites..... They range from subtle to bold, modern to exotic and even metallic paint.  Perfect for whole rooms and for accents walls or front doors. 

Here are some of our favorite neutrals for wall colors: 

1. Bridget Beari Colors Bubble No.4

The perf.ect pale pale pink for a living room or bedroom.

      2. Bridget Beari Colors Newman No.32

Love this grey for cabinets

     3. Bridget Beari Colors Snowball No. 2

First choice for a gorgeous white trim color

4. Bridget Beari Colors Water Bowl No. 47

Soothing and pale is blue is a winner

5. Bridget Beari Colors Goose Muffin No.3

Love this for ceilings. 

Don't forget our paints are named for pets of all sorts from dogs and cats to birds and horses. We give a money back to rescue organizations from the sale of the paint. So if you are passionate about animals and color, this is your paint! 

Email us anytime for a help with color or paint. We can ship the paint to you. 

If you've finished a project in our paint, don't forget to tag us on Instagram @bridgetbeari. We love seeing our paint in action. If you happen to be at the Georges Inn in Lexington Virginia, remember all the guest rooms are in Bridget Beari Colors. 

Happy Painting! 


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