Sunday, January 29, 2017

What is Bridget Beari Dreaming about... a larder?

After visiting KBIS in Orlando this month, I am seeing the revival of the Larder cabinet in kitchen designs. This word comes from the French word for bacon therefore a place to store meat before refrigerators. The word today is used to describe a pantry or food storage similar to a pantry but it a stand alone unit or cabinet. 

I love the idea and can't wait to incorporate one into my next kitchen design. Below are a few examples, they range from food to plate storage to more of a coffee station.   

I've even come up with the best Bridget Beari Colors that would be perfect for a larder or kitchen cabinets. Don't forget to order your fan decks so you can create beautiful rooms in Bridget Beari Colors too! 

Happy Designing! 

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