Friday, January 20, 2017

What's Bridget Beari Dreaming About - Layering?

I love the idea for layering different wallpaper patterns on top of one another to create "layers". Layering is one of the most important techniques in the interior design profession. It gives the room interest and depth but I'm wondering if I can layer a wall without it becoming busy and chaotic. 

Similar size patterns or various sizes? I'm not sure which is best. I think the best layering of a room is Kit Kemp's hotel design. Full of pattern- fabrics and wallpaper. 

photo from SFgirlbybay

This is Suzanne Shade who created wallpaper from photos. The geometric pattern holds the images together as a grouping. Toile, photos and color. 

Rough Luxe Hotel in London

We could look at the old masters. Texture and pattern in a vintage feel. 

Or Howard Slatkin in a more Moroccan feel. The patterns are purposely placed between moldings not necessarily layered but adjoining. 

I am toying with this idea for a Spring Bridget Beari Collection. Mixing the patterns together in one paper or for a showhouse. I think it could be a brilliant idea! 

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