Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Red and Brass Dominant at Fall Highpoint Market

This Fall Market had to be one of the best! It was jammed packed with design celebrities and parties galore! 

I did my regular Design Finds #1-10 on Instagram and Facebook but what I noticed the most were the color and material themes. 

Everywhere you looked was brass, gold, brass!
Here is Kelly Wearstler's new line for Visual Comfort - mid century cool as usual from Kelly. 

Gorgeous brass legged table from Mr. Brown. 

Honeycomb shape was hot too - this new lamp from Mr. Brown

Brass combo with stone from Sherrill in the Mr. and Mrs. Howard collection. 

Red was the dominant color - walls, trims, furniture, art ….it was coming up red all over! 

This was most evident at the Hickory Chair showroom in the Alexa Hampton section - red trims, red accent panels, and red graffiti art. 

Alexa did all of the artwork in the room herself  - 32 paintings! 

Texture and pattern! 

And there she was lounge behind her graffiti wall - what a treat! 

Red lacquer on the mirror - the teal color was creeping in as well. 

Red lamps

Again more graffiti art ….

I also saw the return of tabletop accessories ...

This was only the first day of finds so stay tuned for Day #2! 

Happy Shopping ……


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