Sunday, November 2, 2014

Bridget Beari's Top 10 finds at Highpoint Market 2014

It's hard to pick favorites but here are a few. I picked different ones than I posted on instagram or twitter. 

So here they are …

Always my first stop at Market, Textures never disappoints. 

#1 Turtles from Textures. Perfect for our Tulum Mexico project. We loaded the car with goodies! 

#2 Circle base table at Julian Chichester. Brass and gold were everywhere.

#3 painted stair riser inserts from Mirth Studio. I posted about this company at ICFF but the new risers were very cool! 

#5 Gold perforated chandelier from Oly Studios. Love the layers. 

             #6 Floral crystal and metallic leaf chandelier from Roberta Schillings - organic and glamourous

#7 Currey brass and acrylic lamp - love the X base

#8 Aerin Launder lighting from Visual Comfort - beautiful shapes and textures

#8 fur ottoman and hide pillows from V Rugs and Home

#9 Metallic thread rug from Mansour Rugs from L.A.

#10 Ribbed back chair from Hickory Chair by Mariette Himes Gomez. Love the detail in the leather. 

So there you have it - top 10 finds! 


Ann Porter said...

Great Finds! Love the acrylic lamp!

Susan Jamieson said...

Thanks Ann! How's Florida?

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