Sunday, September 21, 2014

Richmond Symphony Designer House 2014

 The 2014 Richmond Symphony Designer House is now open for viewing. Bridget Beari is showcasing our new wallpaper line in the entry foyer. 

The wall pattern is called Loki in Bastille Brass. Normally a vertical paper we ran this one horizontal withe a painted stripe between. The stripe and ceiling are painted our color Space M28 from the Modern deck. 

Thanks to H.J. Holtz and Son specifically Jeff, Logan, Brian and Ray for their expert hanging and painting skills. They are truly the best. Jeff never says no to all my crazy ideas! 

On the ceiling we enlarged the Loki pattern and hand trimmed it to apply the starburst pattern. Also our newest wallpaper Wellington is on the stair risers. 

The antique mirror transom was a great addition to the space. It reflect the chandelier and gives a softness to the wall. 

This is our newest case piece, the black cerused Greek Key chest with the metal base. It's a beauty! 

The smokey Madonna is a photograph digital altered by a London artist. 

The chandelier is the focal point of the design. Custom made by Doug McDonald with 1800 ft. of gold chain and LED lighting. It is a stunner! 

The upper hall showcases our Buscemi pattern on the wall behind the bar chest, Andi Helfant fire nude and antique sconces with acrylic backplates designed by BBD, Aerin Lauder pendant hangs in this space as well. 

All wallpapers and paints are available at Palette both here in Richmond and Charlottesville. 

Antique bench and mirrored wall panels set off the corner. We have mixed antiques - sconces, intaglios, and the bench with contemporary pieces like the bar, Indonesian pot, urns, hand blown glass, wallpaper and hand made pieces like the chandelier and chest. 

I love the mix!  

The effect of the wallpaper on the walls and ceiling gives off a Deco feel  - Great Gatsby  - Hampton's white party. The white draperies are 18ft. long! Beautifully detailed on the bottom with 2 grey stripes of varying widths and lined in a separate fabric. 

Hand painted motifs on the sisal rug. 

Succulent planters

Virginia beach Artist Andi Helfant-Fryes nude pastel on black paper. 

Gorgeous hand blown vases by Ryan Golthrup. One is up for the raffle! Check out our Winston Charcoal MT11 metallic paint on the baseboards. 

We can't get over the complements and wow's over this chest! 

Our Indonesian pot painted in Bridget Beari Snowball No2 from Fine Paints of Europe. 

Beautiful paint urns from South of Market in Atlanta. The perfect contrast to the wallpaper and the white draperies. 

A look back to the front door for the wallpaper detail over the double doors and the wood block screen prints in black and white

So many details and so many people to thank who made this beautiful foyer come to life! 

Come out it for yourself and check out all of the other spaces!  


Michelle @ Milk and Honey Design said...

Great Design! Can you please tell me the name of the London artist who created the Madonna print???

Susan Jamieson said...

The artist is Mehrdad Bordbar

Ann Porter said...

Really Beautiful!

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