Sunday, June 1, 2014

Loving A Good Show House!

Welcome to the 42nd Annual Kips Bay decorator Show House in NYC. Special treat to go inside the Villard Mansion at 457 Madison Ave. right next to the Palace Hotel. Originally designed by Stanford White in 1884 in a Neo-Italian Renaissance style 

My take aways from this house were the details: 

Let's start with the powder room off the living room by Young Huh

I loved her door treatments

The drapery treatments in the main rooms were fabulous. I loved the idea for the sheer roman shade lit from the top between 2 beautifully constructed panels. 

Ingrao's room

Inlayed steel table design

Juan Montoya's room

Everyone's favorite million dollar decorator Martin Lawrence Bullard in the Foyer - lots of talk about how those panels did not line up under the chair rail. 

Modern sculptural tables in the William Georgis room

Beautiful hand painted stripes - looked like Fromental to me but I was corrected. 

Loved the embroidery in the middle of the drapery panel. 

Cullman & Kravis

These tables were killer!!!  and that blue bed….

Absolute favorite room was Carrier and Company. Loved the wallpaper, the mix of styles, use of mirror and color. 

Patterns and colors

 Vincent Wolfe's room - breakfast/lounge area. Lacquer orange walls are always good. 

2nd favorite space was the kitchen - creative details and well crafted. 
Matthew Quinn of Design Galleria from the ATL

Look at the stainless doors - custom made with brass details. 

Tube pieces as window dressing to mimic the organ pipes at St. Patrick across the street

Mullion details again taken from the church facade

Suede finish on the Silestone. Brass hardware and faucets

Can you see the tubes? 

Bulter's pantry in blue again like the DC Designer house.

Beautiful 1stbids vintage french press set

Loved the leather flooring detail in this very small room. 

Stairwell hand painted by Robin Sacks

Blue suede walls with fab ceiling treatment. Can you see the hidden door? 

That ceiling treatment  … WOW!

I had seen Alexa Hampton's room online and didn't love it but in person I found things I really loved..

Detail of the wallpaper

trim on the arm of the sofa - it was big at Highpoint too

Nailheads on the cornice

Daryl Carter's room

daybed floating in the room

What a treat to visit the NYC show house 3 years in a row. I love it! This was only day 1/2 of day 2 in NYC with the Modenus group. 

Happy Decorating…..

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