Monday, May 26, 2014

Modern living in NYC

I have just returned from a fabulous trip to NYC with the Modenus group. What a special treat to see the city with 11 other designers and bloggers. I always learn so much from my fellow designers. You find out things you have in common with other people you don't know- like Iris from C more Interior and our love of the Danish designer Piet Boon or Kimberly Ward of Pinkegshell  for her love of fashion and her wisdom on the business side of design. 

Here we are….our group from the states - CA, Mississippi, Tenn, Boston, Fla. and abroad Toronto, Denmark, England, and Holland. 

I have much to share but let's start with the hotel - 

                                                              Citizen M Hotel

A very modern concept hotel. The rooms are shipped over preassembled in pods. They almost resemble a cruise ship room - very compact and efficient. I thought the location in Times Square was perfect! 

The lobby and outdoor spaces were whimsical and fun. Full of funky sculptural objects - green horse head, gun on a plate, red chickens  ….etc. 

Here we are in the outdoor courtyard getting to know each other on the first day. 

Great lobby space - tons of seating, library room, open balcony spaces to get away or people watch. 

Community tables

Self check in and check out was interesting at the kiosk. The hotel had only been open for 1 month. I think considering that they scored high! 

The artwork was super cool

This is the front door scene... 

I think for one person the room was great but I know my husband would have hated it. Only 6 hangers? Built- in bed? 

A tablet controlled the temperature, TV, motorized blinds and lights. No regular channels on the TV but who's watching TV?

My picture frame computer screen did not work but it was suppose to give you room info. 

The silly Citizen M sayings were all over the hotel. 

Here's the bed….

WC and shower were in this glass pod in the room that had this groovy blue light. Wall hung toilet. I was surprised that the water from the shower did not go everywhere but it worked. 

A view from the front door. 

Here's the group at breakfast - one problem was the single guy making coffee, latte etc. in small cups mind you. They needed coffee pots of regular coffee as the line was too long. 

Jeffrey and Courtney

Look at the groovy skyline carpet in the hallways! 

I loved the location and the concept but not sure my husband could take the tight quarters. It was good for when you travel alone. The staff was friend and helpful. Thumbs up from this traveler! 

A beautiful roof top bar too! Cheers to the first day in NYC! 

Lovin' NYC… so much more to share! 

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