Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Beauty Bag Find at ICFF

I love when I find a Beauty bag find in an odd place. While on my Blog Tour NYC trip with Modenus I found a new beauty product. If you follow my board on Pinterest Beauty Bag, you know I love to pin the latest and greatest in beauty products. 

This new find came from the ICFF show

We were there as press - bloggers with a badge! 

This find came from one of our sponsors - Mr. Steam 

These are exclusive Mr. Steam products called Tala - made from Argan oil and Beldi Black soap ( derived from the paste of black olive pulp ) 

photo by Chasen West

This is our hostess - Martha Orellana, vp of sales and marketing

 photo by Chasen West

She showed us all the latest and greatest in the steam technology. I love the more digital systems. 

The remote - 

The wall pad - 

You can add aroma therapy to the steam unit

An in the shower wall pad

Music, smells and steam - it was full bathing experience and now with the addition of their own products, the Tala line. What an experience it will be. The products will come with the purchase of a unit. 

Here is Regina from Toronto testing the products. 

Look at this black paste scrub - it was divine. I can't wait to use some of these products. The whole set had lotions and  scrubs. 

Mr. Steam has been in the feel good business since 1917 and this is just another wonderful complement to their already incredible shower products. 

We all enjoyed their hospitality and all the goodies in the swag bags! 

Happy Shopping and Bathing……


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