Sunday, June 8, 2014

History of a Fabric House Giant

Another highlight of Blog Tour NYC was our visit to the Donghia showroom in the D&D building. Although I sell Donghia fabrics and furniture regularly I wasn't as familiar with the history and WOW what a history. 

Angelo Donghia started Donghia Associates by 1972. He was both friends and clients with Halston, Ralph Lauren,Diana Ross, Barbara Walters to name a few celebrities at the time. His love of fabrics lead him to establish Vice Versa fabrics in 1976 and later Donghia Textiles in 1980.  ( I remember this from my days as an intern - pricing fabric flat folds ) 

Watch this interview for better view of his vision and brilliance.  

I found these incredible watercolor renderings by R.Martin of spaces he designed or intended to design. Could have been when he was with Yale Burge Interiors as a partner. How incredible!

Thank you Donghia for a fabulous history lesson! 

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