Thursday, June 5, 2014

Finding the Right Products for a Kitchen Project

It is always a challenge to find the right products for a job. Sometimes we end up going to the same manufacturer over and over. What I love about these blog trips is being introduced or reintroduced to brands. 

Blanco was one of our sponsors for Blog Tour NYC with Modenus. 

A family owned company since 1925, making sinks and kitchen faucets. Love the picture! 

I am working on a new kitchen renovation project so I decided to take a look. So many new ideas that I loved….

Love the faucet and the stainless lip sink. I think I'll use this in my new project. I'll post a pick when I'm finished. 

Love the white  - I would love to see a grey. Hey Blanco - do you hear me! 

Look at this gorgeous fireclay sink

This was a great video on how to incorporate green ideas into your home. Easy ideas ….

Thank you Blanco for a wonderful trip! I'll being keep your products on my go to list from now on. 

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