Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The House that Plastics Built

While at ICFF in New York we met Grace Jeffers, the Manhattan art historian and Formica Expert at the Wilson Art booth. Although they were highlighting the student chair competition ( which was impressive ) I was more interested in the back drop, a glimpse of a mid century motif. 

When asked about the backdrop Grace told us of the story of the Ralph and Sunny Wilson home in Temple Texas. Ralph Wilson was the founder of Wilson Art then names Ralph Wilson Plastics. He created this home as a test and showcase of all the laminates could do. 

When hired by Wilson Art to help build their corporate archives she was invited to see the house before they tore it down. She begged them to save and renovate the property which now stands as a supreme example of 1950's architecture and products. It is the youngest house on the National Historic Registry. 

Check out the images of this home so Brady Bunch! 

Some of these images remind me of homes in Richmond that I have worked on. It is a remarkable save and one of the highlights of the Modenus Blog Tour NYC.

All photos from Wilson Art

Watch this video for more information on this home: 


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