Sunday, November 3, 2013

Day 2 of Bridget Beari Highpoint Market Picks

Day 2 was just as busy at the Market! 

I love my linens and especially sateen coverlets - Dransfield Ross does not disappoint. Love the neutral colors. 

Geometric patterns on chests from Gabby Home. 

Gorgeous hides from Surya -tones of grey 

Grey again just like the inlay chests at Bennett Galleries

We had spent a long time at Lee Industries  - love these chaises

Vintage lights - brass LOVE! 

Great chaise - seating goes both ways! 

Fiezy Rugs for trellis shapes

                 A special treat at Sherrill 2nd floor for the Phoebe Howard collection. I loved the vingettes and the styling. Look at the nailhead trim walls …...

Love the mantel …...

Blue and white styling was everywhere. The front room was Gracie blue and white floral paper. 

Zentiques  - diffusers in flowers. I want these for a BBD item. 

Sunpan - acrylic bar stools

World's Away lights

An Italian entertainment unit

A new company for us - Emporium Home. I love these ottomans.

I want those mongolian lamb stools. 

Artesia mirror table

Barbara Cosgrove - love the orange pendants

and the gold over scaled floor lamp! 

Another cool company for our midcentury job - loved the sectional and the chairs! 

And of course our Mexican favorite Terracea. Beautiful building and 3 floors of wood furniture. 

This tree trunk table was perfect for one job. 

Palecek - did not disappoint with agate and drift wood tables. 

Isn't this cool  - silver tops! 

Petrified wood! I even liked the JAM pieces. Too bad we couldn't  stay to meet him. 

I even bought a few things in the Antique and Design District -  this mirror from Tracy Collins from Charleston,  a alligator bracelet, 2 sconces which we have plans for, and Nancy Price - glass vases - gorgeous. 

Hickory Chair  - I loved the table in the new gold bottom and cream top 

Did I mention Candice Olsen was staying at our hotel? I wonder if she had this lovely note on her headboard  - well thank go they are clean! 

Until next Spring……

Happy Shopping…….


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