Sunday, November 24, 2013

Designing a Dream Home in Tulum!

The Bridget Beari team just came back from a week in Tulum Mexico. This was to capture a house that I had worked on for over 2 years. It was finally finished! We were going as guests and at little work too. 

Here we are in the town of Tulum for celebratory mojitos! 

I don't think anyone believed me when I told them the road to the Sian K'ann would be bumpy - Ha! 30 mins for 6 kilometers. It took a few times until we decided that riding through the middle of the huge lake pot hole was better than trying to drive around it. 

We arrived at the house and everyone was stunned! It was more beautiful than I described so natural and organic. Bursting with clever details and beautiful finishes. All the hard work getting materials to Mexico really paid off. 

I am not showing details of the house because we are scouting it to magazines. Hopefully someone will jump at the chance to showcase this beauty! 

Here is our beach for the week - no one in site! Bridget Beari naked swim was in order!

 We started right away with the photos. It took 5 full days to get it right as there was so much to photograph when could have stayed longer. 

Some of the equipment did not fair so well in the luggage but figuring out how to say duct tape in Spanish was hilarious. Juan the house keeper was great at finding everything we needed. 

Busy at work! 

 Sneak peak at the Gastoni Daniela pillows! 

The moon lit nights were a dream 

The house is built right in the jungle - own wind mill, own septic, very eco friendly. 

Candlelit dinners and walkways everywhere! Estella our house manager kept everything looking special and beautiful. 

Our special champagne from the staff on our Indian feast night! Gerrado the chef was fantastic the meals were incredible! 

Special coffee every morning  - fresh fruit!  Look at that view! 

Swimming in the ocean was magical. The water was warm and the prettiest blue green you have ever seen. 

 Another sneak peak at the ceiling of the main room - the palapa! Our handmade lanterns. 

It is a place of serenity and beauty. One can really relax and the Bridget Beari decor fits so perfectly. I am thrilled with the results and so is the client. She's buying the house next door so we are ready for a new Tulum project! I love a reason to return to Tulum as often as possible. 

I could really get use to this life! So relaxing! 

Our sun beds by the ocean where Juan brought us prosecco every day! 

Look at the food - pork tostatos! 

Our special Indian feast - dinner on the deck on pillows!

I even added to my LBB adventure #4 by paddle boarding in the ocean. Yes there is a video to prove it. 

The whole trip was like a dream - a dream come true:  A fabulous Bridget Beari house in Tulum Mexico, great friends, great team, and a great magazine worthy opportunity. 

Life is Good! 

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