Saturday, November 2, 2013

Bridget Beari Picks from Highpoint Fall Market!

This market was full of parties and purchases! The most exciting event was the Verellen party for the launch of the new magazine Milieu. The party was so beautiful, almost like a wedding. A white tent filled with tables, hay bails covered with linens, bon fires and candles  - gorgeous! Just what we would expect from Verellen - beautiful people and beautiful furniture. I saved all my cocktail drinking until then - a very nice bubbly Moscato. 

The invitation: 

The tables and the tent

The doors to the showroom - notice the fires lining the entrance


The new Interiors Magazine from Texas! Thanks for letting Bridget Beari Designs be apart of the grand unveiling! 

Of course we did a little shopping at Verellen and the antique Bali store - Look at these fabulous finds! 

Melissa lounging as you should on a Verellen sofa or were we dreaming of our own Bridget Beari Store and what it would look like?????

Outside under the tent! 

Did I mention the food - yum! Look at these crudities in individual glasses. 

Loved the batik fabric hanging as a backdrop. It must be a Romo fabric. 

During the day we saw some exciting finds at Julian Chichester - these end tables

We met the Keno Brothers and Earl Spencer at Theodore Alexander

Always beautiful things at Oly Studio: 

E.J. Victor's - Ralph Lauren room. I loved this sectional! 

Bennett Galleries - these inlay chests are amazing! 

We loved running into our Richmond friends - Gary Inman and JB Elko at Moore Council where they were debuting their new furniture line. 

All named after Hollywood stars - love the nail head treatment on this chest and the green color. Soft greens and nailhead pieces were abundant at this Market.

                                 His new logo! Way to go Richmonders!

Across the street to Halo Styles - I loved the island. 

These stone fish were so cool! They were all sold out as soon as we arrived. 

We did a lot of rug shopping for one client but found some great bargains at Loloi. Check out these outdoor rug - yes outdoor! 

                                                  Outdoor shag!  - who knew!

The grays and taupes were perfect and so reasonably priced. 

I love colorful books - this was a great source. 

A stop into Arteriors and low and behold there was Barry Dixon talking about his new pieces. 

I always remember his colored water vases and here he has turned them into a lamp! 

He talked about being inspired by the animals and textured on his farm. i.e. his goat leg table. 

Our goal was to check out new places so this was our first time to Curate. 

Brass etageres

More nailhead pieces

Interesting chair

Whew! - we were so tired that first day we needed to hitch a ride on a rickshaw. 

Check out more finds from Market on tomorrow blog. 

Happy Shopping ………


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