Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bridget Beari Color Rule #60

                         Bridget Beari Color Rule

What White is the Right White? 

I love neutrals especially whites. When formulating colors for my Modern fan deck I had trouble limiting myself to 20 whites. Every shade is important and every subtly. With so many shades of white how do you know which is the right white?

Look at all these shades of white in the yarns and the pillows - cream, grey, warm, cool

The key to selecting whites is examining what materials are adjacent to them. 
Here in this hallway the floors are dark but the wood is warm. A creamier white would be a appropriate choice. If the floors were espresso or black, a crisp white would be better. 

Select a cool white when painting the whole room one color. 

Select a grey white when paired with a natural stone with grey undertones. 

Select a crisp white for accents against a creamier wall for pop. 

Select a creamier white with green undertones for a more traditional approach or when matching a fabric with the same tone. 

Here are 2 whites from my color line Bridget Beari Colors

The first is Snowball No. 2 - I use this for walls and trim. It is a crisp white. 

The second is Wagging White No. 1 - I use this for walls when I need an off white contrast to the Snowball. 

Don't forget if you are in the Charlottesville area that Bridget Beari Colors is coming to Market Street in October! 

Here is our hallway done in Snowball  - walls, ceiling and trim. 

Come check out our new color lines too - Modern, Exotic and Metallic! 

Before painting my own garage floor for a photo shoot I found this great website. Check out these tips. 

Happy Painting ......


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