Sunday, September 22, 2013

Working on an ad for Bridget Beari Colors!

It has been a busy fall  - new projects in Florida and ATL, Bridget Beari Colors opening in its 2nd retail store in October called Palette, revamping displays, more fabrics and wallpaper designs coming ....  The list grows!!

I decided it was time for a print ad so the team and I came up with the fun idea to incorporate one color from each line with wall paint, furniture paint and floor paint. 

See if you like it: 

The sketch

We decided on 5 colors = Baron Boy from the Modern deck, Puddytat from the Classic deck, P. Doodle from the Exotic deck, Snowball from the Classic deck and Bling Bling from the Metallic deck. 

We found an old mirror and painted it Bling Bling! 

An old chair from my mother. It was original from the La Vogue store for those of you that remember that one. 

A great Gastoni y Daniela fabric to dress it up. 

After we painted the stripes and the furniture, we did does test shots. I thought about standing on a ladder for some height. The wall in my garage acted as the set. At least I cleaned out the garage so it is spotless. It hadn't been that way in years. 

On shoot day we decided to dress up. Lulabelle, the spokes dog from the last poster refused to cooperate. So funny because she always loved the camera. I guess she has less patience in her old age. Nothing would make her sit still. 


So we tried Tucci - she was a gem! I was surprised! 

Melissa was the dog trainer! 

Adjusting the blobs! 

Here are some of the final shots. Which are your favorite? 

I'll share the final choice with the words, logo and tag line when it is ready! 

Thanks for reading and leave a comment! 

If you are interested in any of these colors, visit our website Bridget Beari Colors for paint, fan decks and sample pots or come by the Rue on Grove Ave. in Richmond or Palette in Charlottesville. 

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