Monday, September 2, 2013

Best Bottles in Town

I love pretty packaging and perfume bottles have some of the best. I am very particular about my scents and I do like a roll on but the bottle is one of the main decision makers when purchasing. 

If it sits on my vanity it better have high style and also be clean and classic. All Bridget Beari traits. Here are some of my favorite bottle designs: 

Guerlain - looks similar to something my grandmother had. An Estee Lauder vibe. 

Marc Jacobs  - clean and simple but a touch of whimsy

Love this grey and gold combo. 

Dark bottles are big now

Classic Chanel


Love the black and white

Color for just the right space

I love browns

The black and gold combo

One of my favorites - classic and the scent is wonderful too.

Happy Shopping .......

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