Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bridget Beari Colors Fan Deck!

Working the Richmond Designer House this weekend has been completely rewarding! I loved all the enthusiast response to the Bridget Beari Colors and our fabulous hallway. I would love to show some photos but were holding back for some press coverage. 

Here is a rendering of the space: Agate walls, glass railings, painted floors and more...

             All painted in our Bridget Beari Colors! Pickle, Truffle, Baron Boy, Beaureguard, 
                                               and Snowball. 

The one question I received over and over was where do I purchase the paint and the fan decks? 

In Richmond the paints and the fan decks are available at the Rue on Grove Ave. 
The fan decks are also available online at Bridget Beari Colors. Buy one today! They are selling like hot cakes from the tour. 

Also check out our new labels for our cans as we get ready for the introduction of the Exotic, Modern and Metallic lines! 

Happy Painting .......

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