Monday, September 10, 2012

Can you guess the celebrity apartment?

Can you guess the celebrity apartment? I was intrigued by the interior design of this apartment in Elle Decor so I looked up the designer and found more pictures of this beautiful light filled apartment in NYC. 

The designer is Kelly Behun Studios

What I love about good interior design are the beautifully selected pieces. Each piece chosen for the exact space or at least it looks that way. 

Love the vintage chairs. 

I love the clean lines and simplicity. Do I spy a Restoration hardware piece? 

Guest room - simple and clean 

Super interesting and creative. Mural by Bob George Studios

Dark stained herringbone floors

                                                         Vintage mixed with modern

                                            Master Bedroom - alpaca headboard

Lindsay Adelman light over the dining table

Love the art!

Check out the super long portrait light. 

Cool lacquer desk

Did you guess the celebrity?  

Quite different from her parent's pad.  


Printing Ray said...

Looking cool. Everything is perfectly designed and showing the creativity and a lot of artistic skills even in a smaller aspects of room designs. Vinyl coating on walls are increasing the beauty of room and gives a new theme.

Susan M. Jamieson, ASID said...

Totally different from her parents or what you would expect. Don't you think?

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