Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bridget Beari Color Rule #54

Bridget Beari Color Rule 

How and When to use High Gloss Paint

While being at the Richmond Designer House for 2 weeks now, I have answered many questions on how and where to use the high gloss paint. Our room in the Designer House has the walls ceiling and trim all in high gloss but the question is where and how is high gloss used appropriately throughout a home? 

When using high gloss paint there are 3 things to remember: it takes over the room, the way it reflects light, and the flaw factor. 

I love a room in all high gloss - walls ceiling and trim as shown below and similar to what we did at the Designer House. It gives an immediate richness and intensity to the room. 

The Tory Burch showroom painted the ceilings and all the cabinets in high gloss. What a way to grab someone's attention and the orange is a great contrast to the color of her clothes. By painting the ceiling it becomes a jewel box. 

If you choose to only paint one wall or item, this is where it takes over. Your eye goes directly to the gloss and it reflects the colors around it and the light. I am a fan of mixing and balancing the finishes so it one wall is gloss then another item should balance it out like here with the use of the upholstered wall or like our Designer House room with the distressed floor. 

You can also paint a single furniture item. Easy to wipe off and it turns any piece into a focal point. 

I had many questions about it's use for cabinets. It is a great finish but be aware it needs prep on the woodwork for it shows any flaws. 

Tip:  A new kind of extension cord fro Yanko Designs. No more tripping on cords and showing bumps under a rug. Genius! 

                           Happy Painting ........


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