Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Big Reveal!

Drum Roll Please.......

Here it is the Bridget Beari Designer House room. Well actually it's a back hallway and staircase. I purposely chose the stairwell as a unique space where I could showcase the Bridget Beari Colors and create a dramatic space from nothing. 

You enter the space from the grand foyer. All the colors are from the Bridget Beari Color line - Snowball walls, Beaureguard window trim, Truffle floor, Baron Boy handrail, and Pickle bookcase.High gloss white walls with a painted floor in the octagon pattern - distressed and aged.  A complete contrast to the high gloss painted walls, trim and ceiling. Notice the 200 yds. of flat braid around the room from Kravet. 

The hallway is filled with figurative sketches from Andi Helfant-Fyre from Virginia Beach. The door is upholstered in fabric from Zimmer Rhode with the addition of the antique mirrors and the P.E. Guerin acrylic door handle. 

Here is a detail of the fabric on the door. 

You turn the corner to the left and see our custom built octagonal bookcase in our Pickle color also in the high gloss paint. The bookcase was designed to complement the floor design and the white accessories really make the bookcase pop. I love the white and silver books and the oyster shell balls. 

People have loved the hanging agave leaves! 

As you turn to the stairwell you see the beautiful hand painted agate wall by H.J.Holtz and Son., the real botanical elephant ears from Anne Blackwell Thompson and the chandelier from Moura Starr called Aqua. 

Here is a photo with the chandelier lit. The drapery fabric is from Kravet ( linen and raffia embroidery) with the acrylic pole rods. 

Did you notice our new staircase? We removed the bead board wall that went to the basement as well as the door and wall that entered into the basement. We remade the newell post and handrail to add the glass. This really opened up and modernized this back hall. Can you see that the interior of the window is painted a different color? Only 2 people have noticed that detail. I wish I had a prize to give them. 

The carpet runner is linen over the painted floor pattern. The curved glass at the top of the stairs is incredible! The brighter color green is from the designer's room downstairs but notice how we cut the agate into pieces to meet her paint. It really has the illusion of real stone! 

Here is a detail of the flat braid around the room - remember 200 yds! 

A detail of the floor design: 

Another detail of the flat braid, drapery, runner and floor! 

A close up of the agate! 

Custom radiator cover. I love the Echeveria plant in the silver shell container. 

Looking toward the back hall. 

Close up of the leaves! 

This is the last week the Designer House is open so come out and see me. Next week everything comes down and back to neutral. So sad! 

It has been a fun experience to share the Bridget Beari Colors and Designs with so many people. The crowd has been overwhelming enthusiastic and complimentary about the space and the paints. So until next time......

Happy Painting ......

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