Friday, August 10, 2012


Bridget Beari Goes to Auction! 

I haven't been to an auction in awhile but I was on the search for a very specific piece for a client so off to the Thursday night antique auction I went. 

Alexander's in Richmond, Va is the place. Every Thursday night from 6:30 until 1 or 2 in the morning they auction off a variety of pieces from rugs, furniture, art, lighting and ceramics. 

You can scope out the pieces you are interested in advance either online or in person. I had done my homework online but found a few other pieces I liked once I got there. 

                                                            Loved the gilt mirror! 

These chairs were Fab but only 3. 

Nice shape on these chairs! 

Loved these chairs too! 

Another great shape! 

Great lamps! 

This set of 48 pieces of English china was very interesting. It was blue background with purple and gold. 

We got a number and then the big wait! 

There were so many reserved seats taken in the front that the unprofessional bidders were relegated to the back. 

Here is the auctioneer stand! 

And then it begins.......

LOUD frantic bidding wars! 

Do you really think he says anything between the numbers? I think he makes it up - $200 hubada hubada $250 hubada hubada.......

We stayed for about 3 hours.  I won the piece for my client and brought home a few other goodies. The 48 piece china set and 2 purple glass lamps. I guess I was in a purple mood. You'll have to check back to see how I use them in my next design scheme. 

Happy Shopping ........

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