Saturday, August 18, 2012

Half Way to D Day!

We are about 1/2 way to the opening of Pinifer Park the home of the 2012 Richmond Symphony Designer House. I showed you the before shots and the sketches of my room in an earlier post but here is our progress to date! 

H. J. Holtz and Son are doing a great job and finally we have Snowball No. 2 Brilliant finish on the walls and Baron Boy M35 on the newell posts. Snowball is a soft white in a high gloss finish - walls, ceiling and trim are all done in Snowball. It took tons of prep and thanks to River City Renovation these old plaster walls are as smooth as silk! Those Dixie Donuts I brought to the job site every Friday seem to help!

You can see a glimpse of our glass railing. Thanks to 4D Discoveries for delivering the glass in one piece and it fit like a glove! The handrail is not on yet but the glass really does the trick in opening up the space! 

They are sanding the floors for the painted pattern now that the walls are done. Can you see my dark color trim on the inside of the windows? The effect is: once the draperies go up your eye will not focus on the trim but the outside space. 

Here is the famous door of "Door-gate 2012" - ask me about this when all is finished! 

Remember my whole reason for doing this space is to promote Bridget Beari Colors and the 2 new color lines that have just been release! Order your fan decks today! 

Here are my Bridget Beari Colors in this room. We have already had tons of traffic to the store just after the Bare Bones tour!  Check us out in Richmond at The Rue on the corner of Grove and Maple. 

Joe's been working like crazy on the railing and the stairs along with Rob from Cabinetry and Construction. Here is the Bridget Beari Van outside Pinifer Park. I see we are missing a hubcap - I'd better get Jayne to order that before Traditional Home comes a calling. 

The decorative artist Jeff Ragland from Holtz made his first appearance on Friday to start the agate walls! It is so cool the way he makes it happen. I can't wait!!

First coat on the floors too! 

All the artwork and accessories are here at the shop ready to go! The bookcases are made and being painted in Pickle No. 37. Wait until these go in - FABULOUS! 

So much more to come too - draperies, upholstered door, runner, chandelier, handrail, botanicals, sketches .......

Don't forget to mark your calendar for either the Gala Opening on Sept. 7th or everyday the month of Sept. Stop by and see me. I'll be there every weekend and every Thirsty Thursday evening.  Come on by! 

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