Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hello Bridget Beari Papers!


                            Hello, Bridget Beari Papers! 

I spent most of last week approving colors and strike offs for our new line of wallpapers. I am so excited to show you the first pattern and a glimpse into the process of making wallpapers. These wallpapers will be all hand screen printed which will allow them to have a crafted look. 

Our first pattern is called "Caviar"which is named after a pitbull from our city pound. It is a faux bois pattern within a geometric grid pattern. It is a very clever design because the pattern is designed to turn in different directions on the wall - SO COOL! 

                                       Here are the screens drying in the sun!

Matching colors to my Bridget Beari Color line from Fine Paints of Europe was a task. I was a very particular about getting the colors just right so use can use the paints right up next to the wallpapers. 

Here are the colors as they look on the screens - Puddytat, Bellagio Blue, Truffle, Verdi and Jinxy. We even added some metallic to the Truffle color. It is spectacular! 

Notice these super long tables for printing the papers. Here we are with our 3 color ways and the strike offs. Strike-offs are a sample of the exact pattern and color for approval before the rolls are made. We only had a few tweaks to make at this stage. 

The wood grain lines are not as crisp as they will be on the final rolls but the colors are dead on. 

This color way is so cool! Vibrant and fun. 

This color way has the metallic. 

This pattern makes a grid but the grid can be changed repeat to repeat or side by side. It has so many possibilities. I can't wait to use it. Too bad it wasn't ready in time for the RSDH - Designer House. I would have used that in a minute! 

It will take only 2 weeks to have our first run of "Caviar" but we are already gearing up for our next pattern "Fat Cat" All the papers will be for sale on the Bridget Beari site as well as in Richmond at the Rue. We are working on showing at the DC Design Center and looking  for a rep. We are designing designer packets now if you would like one let us know and we will send it out! 

Happy Papering and Painting.......

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