Sunday, June 24, 2012

Scout Guide for Richmond!

Does your city have a Scout Guide? Originally started in Charlottesville, Virginia, the Scout guide has grown into a network of city guides that cross promotes independent businesses and entrepreneurs. The Scout editors pick the best small businesses in a city and create this beautiful book for pick up or purchase. 

This is a great way to have the insiders scoop to city before you travel there. You have everyone from realtors, jewelers, architects, builders, shop owners, florists and more. 

Check out how beautiful each book is. The city is range is huge... Aspen, Charlotte, Charlottesville, Alexandria, Dallas etc. 

The Scout editors will be coming to photograph Bridget Beari this week and I am trying to decide on backdrop for the book - paint store?  my living room?  Office?  

So many decisions .....  

The other companies profiles are so clever I hope the stylist and photographer have some great ideas!  I am so excited to be included in Richmond's Scout Guide! 

Check out their blog too....  Scout Guide Blog

Happy Painting .......

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