Sunday, July 1, 2012

Costco Connection meets Bridget Beari!


Who belongs to Costco? Did you know they had a lifestyle magazine that has great articles on businesses and home and garden tips! 

This month Bridget Beari is delighted to get a quote in the Bedroom Sweet article. It is all about "What is your ideal bedroom? Thanks to my good friend Faith Sheridan for the referral to the writer! 

Check out the article:  
                                                                                         Costco Connection

So might I ask,  " What is your ideal Bedroom?" I said in the article I liked a quiet peaceful sanctuary. I love a comfy bed!   Multiple pillows, coverlet and duvet. Soft calm colors - easy on the brain at the end of a long day! 

                                                  Photo by Joe Bernado, Interior Design by Bridget Beari Designs

                                      Let me know your thoughts on bedroom designs! 

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