Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bridget Beari Color Rule #49

Bridget Beari Color Rule:

Passionate Purple

Purple colors range from lavender to lilac to deep red purple or aubergine. It has always been associated with royalty due to its cost as it was the dyes extracted from Mollusks that created this exotic tint. 

When painting with purples you need to understand the what makes up the different tones of purple. 

The dark red purples like Aubergine are made of blue/green/red and yellow so when you paint a wall this color you will be able to pull these red tones out in your fabrics. 

Photo from

Light lavenders are made with more grey and red than yellow. These colors are known for being  fresh, clean and calm. These are best with cool colors and whites. 

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Interior Designer Jamie Drake is known for his exciting use of purple. Check out his room at the Maison de Luxe, a showhouse in Beverly Hills. He is definitely not afraid of using different tones in one room and combining them with bold colors. Wall color, lampshade color, chair upholstery plus accents in the pillows and rug. 

Interior Design by Jamie Drake from Maison de Luce on the So Haute website.

The perfect combo with purple is easily found in nature:  purple with green. I love these cabbage colors.

Here's the purple/green combo in a home design by The Happy Home Project

Tip: Ever wonder how to get the remaining wax out of a candle. I found this info from Yellow Brick Home Website

Put boiling water in the votive and wait for the wax to float to the surface!  How easy! 
How do you use your old votives? I like to use them for pencils or makeup brushes. 

Happy Painting .......

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