Monday, May 21, 2012

Bridget Beari Travels to Westport CT

Bridget Beari Travels to Westport, CT

On the way to NYC this weekend we stopped in CT to visit family. We explored the surrounding towns like Derian, Rowayton, and Westport. There were great shops and restaurants but the coolest place was Terrain. Owned by the Urban Outfitters Company this is a garden shop, kitchen and home goods, and restaurant. 

The exterior of the building was once a car dealership but now contracted with rusted corrugated steel and glass it has a hip new look. 

It is not any old garden center. Inside they specialize in terrariums, ferns, and succulents. Beautiful glass bowls and shapes to create any type of terrarium. The largest ferns 6-8 ft. tall that I have ever seen in beautiful rustic containers. 

Cut branches of all kinds. Interesting pottery and kitchen wares, soaps, and linens. The outside garden center sold all sorts of plants with the cutest garden shed structures. My pictures are on Instagram if you follow me and if I can figure out how to get them off to share them, I will add them to the blog. Great red wire furniture too! 

                              I loved this interesting Bromeliad! There was even a pineapple plant. 

The displays were gorgeous! Even though we did not eat anything at the cafe, it looked yummy! A definite stopping place if you are traveling this way. 

We are off the NYC today for Kravet's Blogfest2012! It is sure to be a treat! 

Happy Travels.....


Eddie Ross said...

We just visited Terrain last weekend! There was a pair of white rose trees that we really wanted to take home. Maybe next time! Glad you got to visit.
xo E + J

Susan M. Jamieson, ASID said...

That's the coolest place! Are there others since its owned Corporately? I loved the red wire chairs! Thanks for the comment!

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