Monday, May 14, 2012

Bridget Beari Color Rule #47


                         Bridget Beari Color Rule: 

Stretch It With Stripes! 

The easiest way to give a room height is by painting stripes but did you know that it is about the white in the stripe that gives the room the light factor. Rooms that incorporate white in their stripes look and feel airier. It's the negative space that moves your eye as opposed to 2 colors that read more like a solid. 

Interior Design by Meg Braff on Quadrille website

Black and white stripes are always a graphic statement. They can be both whimsical and sophisticated. Stripes are perfect for small spaces too because they heighten the room. 

photo via Pinterest

Tip: A friend asked me this the other day. How do I get wax out of a votive? This would be before you put the votive in the glass container. Spray with cooking spray and the melted candle wax will slide right out. 

From Real Simple

Happy Painting ......

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