Saturday, March 3, 2012

D.C Big Fleas Market

Bridget Beari Travels: 

I took some time off today to drive to the DC Big Flea Market in Chantilly Virginia about 1 1/2 hours from Richmond near Dulles Airport. I was expecting it to big huge but it was about the same size as the Antique Spectacular in Richmond at the Showplace. 

These types of shows are crowded and overwhelming. They are full of treasures and trash but you know what they say " One man's trash is another man's treasure." 

I think this is certainly a time to follow along with a designer or someone who knows the ropes. 

I found a bunch of unusual things like this collection of hat pins. I have never seen so many different styles in one place. The nice shop owner told me that she has been collecting hat pins for 30 years. I wanted to buy one but I wasn't sure I could pull off the look. In older days they had such long hair that the pins went through the hat and stuck in the hair to hold it down. Now a days it is more a decorative item on the outside. 

I do love hats but I think I'll work out which hat needs a hat pin then decide on the style. They really were incredible!

Another item I love at these shows are the linens: Monograms, lace, embroidery. Everything is beautiful. These napkins and some monogram pillowcases were my favorite. The linen booths all smelled like lavender. I finally realized that maybe these old linens might have a smell that the lavender hides but they were gorgeous. Perfectly ironed I might add. 

There was also really nice transfer ware in brown my favorite color. I loved these garden urns, lions and french arm chairs too but no purchase was made. Most of it was already sold. The early birds get there when the doors open. 

I did purchase some sterling napkin rings. I can never have enough for dinner parties and holidays. I love that they do not all match. It is also fun to search through the piles and read the monograms, initials and names! 

These are the 3 that I came home with! 

I also love vintage jewelry. Especially 30-40's style but today I ended up with some costume necklaces.  The owner was super sweet so I bought 2. That's good salesmanship!

I also ran into Eddie Ross who was giving a tour to his readers on how to find those perfect items for DIY projects. Unfortunately he was too busy to pose for a picture but it was nice of him to say hello!

It was a fun day at the Big Flea!  I'll be back tomorrow with Color Rule #7. 

Happy Shopping.......

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