Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bridget Beari Color Rule #7


                                Bridget Beari Color Rule: 


                               Choose Colors that Flatter! 

This is a rule I like to keep in mind when decorating personal spaces i.e. bathrooms, bedrooms, closets, dressing rooms. It is always nice for the colors on the wall to complement your complexion. Lighting is always a key factor here as well but the color can make you glow or turn you green. 

For cool tones, try soft lavender or blue like Bunny Williams did for this house. The gorgeous blue onyx tops were the inspiration for this wall color. 

Photo by Architectural Digest and interior design by Bunny Williams

Squeek No. 54

Loving this bathroom with the Carrera White marble floor and white walls but the soft peach draperies give that room its glow. Remember on Rule #6 - the power of white and how it reflects the colors around it.

                                                                   Photo from Pinterest

                        For a reverse try Bridget Beari Color French Fry Potato No. 9 on the wall! 

Sidebar: Squeek is the name of my office manager's cat. French Fry Potato is the nickname I call Lulabelle, my Sharpei. I love Nat King Cole so if you know the song Frim Fram Sauce then you know where it came from. The lyrics are: 

I don't want french fried potatoes,Red ripe tomatoes,I'm never satisfied.I want the frim fram sauce with the ausen fayWith chafafa on the side.
      She takes a long time to get down stairs so I sing songs to her like this one to motivate her or scare her (hopefully not! ) To shorten the song she just became french fry potato and sometimes she's red ripe tomato. It just depends on the day. 

Tip: Wrap your brushes during breaks in plastic or aluminum foil. Squeeze all the air out and seal with a rubber band. For overnight storage put the wrapped brush in the refrigerator. I always had a fit that Joe, our BBD contractor put the brushes in the BBD refrigerator. It kinda of grossed me out but now I know he was saving us money. Thanks Joe!

                                                                 Happy Painting......

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