Friday, March 2, 2012

Bridget Beari Color Rule #6


                            Bridget Beari Color Rule: 


Don't Forget the Power of White

White acts like a powerful reflector of light which creates energy within a room. A completely white room stands alone as classic and timeless. You really notice the wood beams with the white walls, trim and ceiling. 

Photo Credit: Traditional Home

Wagging White No. 1

Snowball No. 2

All colors can change by the content that surrounds them. That is especially true for white. Some whites can turn green from reflection of the outdoors or pick up a pink tone from red oriental rug. 

Photo Credit: Traditional Home, Gordon Bell photographer

Interior Design by Bridget Beari Designs

Notice the subtle difference between the cream of the wall and the white trim. 

The walls in this photo are Ping Cream No. 61 with Snowball trim No. 2

In contrast to the photo above, notice below how strong the contrast is between the gray and the white.  The beautiful architectural details are highlighted by the white color. 

Goose Muffin No. 3

Newman No. 32

Sidebar:  Wagging White is naming for the happy feeling of seeing a dog's tail wag and there are many dogs and cats visiting us at Bridget Beari! 

Snowball was a cat from my childhood. 

Goose Muffin is a nickname for Lulabelle my Sharpei. 

Ping is the name of my best friends Pug who is no longer with us. I went with them to the Pug Ranch to purchase her. It was a complete disaster of a puppy mill but Ping was a great dog. Always snorting and loved sleeping on your head. 

Newman is a cat that one of my customers gave to Joe, the BBD contractor. She is a feral cat - love you then scratch the h.. out of you and the most ignoring meow. He loves her !

Tip: Vacuum or lint roll new paint rollers to remove the fuzz. 

Happy Painting.......

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