Monday, March 26, 2012

Bridget Beari Color Rule #27

Bridget Beari Color Rule: 

Feeling Calm and Peaceful choose a Warm Blue. 

With so many blue colors to choose from most people want to know how to select the right one. The secret is in the creation of the mood. If you want a blue room and the mood you have selected is a tranquil peaceful feeling, lean toward the warm blues. These blues have more red in them which helps to create a cozier feeling instead of cold. These colors also more present in a room therefore advancing not receding. 

blues and greens 

Two great warm blues from Bridget Beari Colors

 Rambo No.44     Beebop No.43 


Notice how the island really advances in the photo! 

Love the pop of brilliant blue on the island. 

Tip: This is something everyone should burn on their memory. Don't we all want to look taller and thinner - even our windows! 

Great illustration - the difference is amazing. 

Happy Painting.....


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