Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bridget Beari Color Rule #25

Bridget Beari Color Rule:

Begin with Colors suggested by your Masonry or Roof. 

This tip is directed at picking exterior colors for your home. Certain items like the roof, stone or brick on the house are usually not changing. Begin with thinking of colors that are in these structural features of the house. 

For this house you would start with the brown roof color. Choose colors that are complementary to brown - yellows, creams for the walls and then accent with a color that is complementary to both the wall and roof. 

Try this color from Sherwin Williams: 

SW 6672 Morning Sun
SW7743 Mountain Road

Love the Grey cedar shake singles on this home. Working with the gray roof and singles allows for a great graphic contrast  but could also give you the opportunity to incorporate blues, greens and blacks. 

There are so many colors in a stone facades that picking an accent color can be as exciting as adding jewelry to an outfit. I look the grey blue shutters in this home. 

Try this Benjamin Moore color for this shutter look! 

Tip: As I prepare my garden and house for another open house tour in May. It's time to add the compost to the garden. I've been composting for years - kitchen scraps and all. Sometimes the compost is better than others but this layering process from Martha Stewart has really work! 

1. Site Your Bin 
Proper siting means easier management. Full sun necessitates frequent watering; full shade slows decomposition. The bin should be convenient to a water source.

2. Start with Brown 
Begin your pile with an airy carbon layer, ideally a loose pile of fallen leaves.

3. Add Green 
Aim for half as much green as brown. Too much green can lead to malodorous, slimy conditions.

4. Spring In Some Soil
 A scoop of soil in the pile encourages microorganisms. Some experts recommend adding fertilizer, too, but a well-built pile will have enough nitrogen without it.

5. Repeat Brown and Green Layer 
Continue layering browns and greens in a 2-to-1 ratio, ending with a layer of brown. Small pieces decompose faster, so consider cutting down any large ones.

Happy Painting......

and gardening! 

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