Friday, March 9, 2012

Bridget Beari Color Rule #12

Bridget Beari Color Rule:


Don't forget to look up

People often forget the third wall or the ceiling. Painting a ceiling can really set off a room. Don't be afraid of lowering the space. It gives a great contrast to the crown molding and should at the very least be painted a different color than the trim even if that is another white. It is really important to view spaces as volumes not just flat planes. 

"Color is like jewelry" adding just the right accessory can make the outfit or the space! 

Photo of a Suzanne Kasler Interior

I love a blue ceiling. Most of the ceilings in my own house are pale blue. It gives the room a lightness and lift. In the old Southern days porch ceilings were painted blue to attract the mosquitos. 

For a Bridget Beari Classic look try Bridget Beari Colors

Echo No. 55

Here is another Suzanne Kasler room. Notice the peach ceiling playing off the darker burnt orange draperies. Without that ceiling color, the draperies color would seem to harsh for the room. Painting the ceiling softens the room. 

For a painted ceiling in peach try: 

Bearzie No. 10

When ceilings are super high, it is nice to cozy up the rooms by painting the ceilings a darker color. 

Interior Design By Bridget Beari

This color is Tooney Fish No. 75

Sidebar:  Echo is the name of a dog from my childhood. He was my next door neighbor's dog  when I was 5 or 6. I have pictures that I drew of this dog. I think my teachers thought the dog was mine. 

Bearzey is the nickname for Beari my first Sharpei and the namesake of the company. She was a full bred black Chinese Sharpei,  I Ching Blackberry. We called her Beari. She made the funniest move when she was excited. She would crouch down into a football shape and the spring off. It was so funny to watch. 

Tooney Fish is my other Sharpei Lulabelle's nickname. Beari, Baron and Lulabelle are both pescetarians which means they were allergic to most meats but not fish. Lullabelle's breath smells like fish so we call her Tooney Fish. Tooney for Looney Tunes! 

Tip: Use high quality brushes with a good taper. This allows the paint to be applied evenly. 

Happy Painting......

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