Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bridget Beari Color Rule #11


                          Bridget Beari Color Rule: 


                                    Get in the Mood! 

I always like to ask my clients - "How do you want this room to feel?" Collecting magazine photos just based on feeling is a great way to find out how colors make you feel. You may find yourself picking the same colors just because you feel comfortable around that color but you may not like everything in the magazine picture. 

Here are some rooms to get you in the mood: 

Using navy, browns and rich tones, creates a cozy, intimate feeling. Even the use of plaid seems very masculine and regal. 

Design by Scott Meacham Wood

Bailey Brown No. 76

Gloss white ceilings, silver and peach tones give this room a feminine luxurious feel. 

Design by Jan Showers

Try Cat's Paw No. 7

The use of lavender and grey create an old world look and feel but still very feminine and classic. 

Photo from House Beautiful

Try Cat Nip No. 12

I love the dark grey wall with the slightly different grey sofa. Very modern, serious, and classic but the pops of color in the pillows brings out the whimsy.

Photo from Pinterest

Mr. B No. 17

Sidebar: Cat Nip and Cat's Paw are pretty straight forward. Within my garden is planted tons of natural cat nip, I not sure they enjoy it as much as I think they do. 

Mr. B is Baron's Nickname for being the Big Boy. 

Bailey Brown is another of Jayne's Pomeranians. She has 3 total and 1 cat. 

Tip: The bottom of a chandelier should be 36" off the table. 

Photo from Pinterest, Currey and Company chandelier

Happy Painting.....

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