Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Need Help With Paints?

Have you seen the new House Beautiful Paint App from iTunes for $4.99? It was given to all the participants at Blogfest. It arrived last week but I have not had time to play with it until I returned from Atlanta this week. It is quite amazing!

All the major brands are here: Benjamin Moore, Duron, Farrow and Ball, Fine Paints of Europe and more! 

The app allows you to select colors based on moods, editor's picks, spaces and just by color. You can organize them all in your paint can, match them with other colors, and even see a room view. You even get a description of the color from one of the top designers. They haven't included me yet - Darn. I wonder if they will add the new Bridget Beari paint line? They should! 

You can email, facebook or tweet your choices! Did I mention the color personality quiz? 
I'm a violet!

The only glitch was in selecting the moods and spaces. It just did want to change them quickly and got stuck a few times. Patience with all things new. Fun Program!


carriesdesignmusings said...

I can"t wait to see it in person. I need an ipad 1st, been pestering my husband!

Susan M. Jamieson, ASID said...

A fun app to try after you get your ipad.

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