Sunday, June 5, 2011

Barbara Barry's Indochine Collection

One of the highlights of Blogfest 2011 was meeting and listening to Barbara Barry describe her new Indochine Collection for Kravet. I met her before about 10 years again at the DC Design Center. She had the most fabulous handbag. I took a picture of her handbag this time but it was too dark to show you. It was just as fabulous.

Barbara is one of my all time favorite designers. She is so elegant in person. Her grace and poise are reflected in her fabrics, furniture, rugs, sheets, and china collections. Her passion and enthusiasm for her work is infectious!

I took a picture of her cute shoes - love the clear heel! 

Here I am with Barbara and Faith Sheridan from Portland. I told her all about meeting her 10 years ago in DC!  She was polite enough to say she remembered. 

Her new tea Citrine was being served to us during our time at the Kravet showroom. It was a combination of lemongrass, chamomile, verveine, and peppermint. Yummy! 

Here it is loose in a bowl on the table. 

Her new line for Kravet was inspired by her trip to China. She had wonderful slides to share. She created many of her fabric designs right from photographs or sketches she made during this trip. She told us how she gathered small trinkets and brought them home to make small collections that inspired her color palate. She's not crazy about red - rust yes but not red. 

This was one of the fretwork designs that I loved. 

This video is the presentation she made to us. I love her voice so sophisticated and elegant. I hope it is not another 10 years before I meet her again. 


Fran said...

Loved the slide presentation of her trip to China. Very inspiring.

Susan M. Jamieson, ASID said...

Love Her! Thanks for reading Fran and Happy is a yellow color and Rambo a blue green