Sunday, March 27, 2011

How to craft custom mouldings

I am currently working on project in which I want to change and add mouldings to the rooms. The living room crown needs to be changed, mantel details added, panels for an overmantel design, moulding in the wainscotting for the foyer and new crown in the foyer as well.  The one stop shop for all my woodworking needs is Siewers Lumber. Siewers has been in business for 125 years. They specialize in handcrafted mouldings and reproductions of old style doors, windows and millwork. 

The warehouse is full of different styles and types of lumber. I love the color coated system of designating sizes. 

The warehouse part of the building even takes you back in time - no steel frames or bins. All wood bins and a loft style stacking of the material. 

Here's Joe, my carpenter looking at the sample rack. We are deciding on the best look for the crown. By selecting the pieces he can put together a mock up for the client. I can then take it out the site and hold it up to make sure the proportion is correct. 

They have a great book and website that gives you pdf's of line drawings and profiles. Easy to use in presentations. 

This is our choice for a 3 piece crown in the foyer. 

This is our choice for the beauty moulding in the foyer. 

I can't wait to see it all put together. It will be a dramatic style enhancer to both rooms. 

                                                  Check it out Siewers Lumber in Richmond, Virginia.


Gary Puntman said...

It would be nice to have custom mouldings in my home. I think it would give my home a little more interest. Maybe it could add some value to it as well. I'll have to try this for myself.

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