Monday, March 21, 2011

W hotel Buckhead

On my recent trip to the ATL I stayed at the W hotel Buckhead in which the interior was designed by Thom Felicia.     ( Remember him from Queer Eye)

I have stayed in W hotels where the decor is more monochromatic - navy, white etc. More solid colors but always lots of drama. The elevators always smells good too. 

This one is a little different in a few ways so I'll give you my likes and dislikes. 

#1 Love the patterns and colors in the rooms.
#2 Like: headboard is padded to the ceiling  
#1 Dislike draperies are only sheers no room darkening option
#2 Half Dislike: headboard trim runs onto the ceiling, not sure I understood it. Faux canopy? Room divider? 

                                            #3 Like: Artwork that does not all match
                                           #3 Dislike: arm chair arm was broken

#4 Like: orange throw at the end of the bed reminded me of the Viceroy in LA
#5 Like: the color of the doors and the knocker again reminded me of the Viceroy

#6 Like: frosted wall in bathroom that opened to bedroom
#4 Dislike: rain shower head - no pressure 

#5 Dislike: small space

#6 Dislike: bar by the front door - hard to use + the $10 water bottle

#7 Like: suites are open and full of color and pattern

#8 Like: lobby: again the color and pattern WOW! 
#7 Dislike: deer antler chandeliers ( a little cliche )

#9 Like: Rockin place at night
#8: Dislike: Rockin place at night ( not good for the early to bed people) 

#10 Like: Roof Top Whiskey Bar - very L.A.

#11 Like: Again the geometric screen like the Viceroy but I like it 

                                                                A fun place to stay!

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