Friday, March 30, 2012

Bridget Beari Color Rule #30

Bridget Beari Color Rule: 

Create a Showstopper with Orange

Orange is a great accent color. It can create animated, sophisticated or fresh spaces. 

When paired with vibrant shades such as pink, orange can be whimsical and fun. The white furniture makes the room fresh and crisp. 

Design By Maria Barrus

Bridget Beari Color

Dukey Pukey No. 20

This gorgeous Tory Burch showroom in an earthy pumpkin creates a sophisticated look. Unlike red which would appear aggressive the orange lacquer is warm and jewel like. The yellow oranges are better paired with rustic and dark accents. 

For a strong orange try Bridget Beari Colors

Bella No. 41

Peachy tones of orange are more calming but can make a graphic statement as an accent like they did here on an exterior door. Neutral walls of white tone down the strength of the door. If there is tons of light in a room then a cooler shade tends to work better. 

Photo by J. Savage Gibson

Tip: I love this tip from The Art of Doing Stuff Put unused wine into ice trays and pull out cubes to cook with. Ingenious! 

Happy Painting.....

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