Friday, March 16, 2012

Bridget Beari Color Rule #19

Bridget Beari Color Rule: 


Black is Whack!

I mean "whack" in a good way. Every room needs a touch of black! Black is the great neutralizer. It can tone down bright colors, give a room that graphic edge, or be super sophisticated. 

High Gloss black walls: 

                                                           Photo from Architectural Digest

                        I love black window trim. It looks great here with the marble walls!

Here the bookcase and door trim are black. I love black with white surrounding it. The furniture, frames, upholstery are all in black with gold accents. It is very graphic and stunning. 

                                       These shiny black painted floors are gorgeous. 

                   Black is also the perfect balancer as in this Mary McDonald room. The black  
                                       upholstered pieces help tone down the strong yellow. 

Photo from House Beautiful 

This is a signature look of mine. I love to paint handrails black. Again the graphic nature of the black gloss paint really showcases the stairs. Most of the time the wood on the hand rail is not very pretty so this makes the rail so much better. This is the perfect application for Fine Paints of Europe - Hollandac Brilliant paint. It gives you that perfect shine. 

Don't you love the drama of these doors. I love white trim and black doors. Notice from Rule #18 the wall color is cream but the trim is whiter. Not stark white but creamier white to show off the doors. 

Even exterior shop fronts look more dramatic in black. 

Tip: 2 ways to save your brushes. 

Clean and hang upside down on a wire or rod. 

or wrap in craft paper and store. Both techniques keep the bristles from getting broken and bent. 

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Happy Painting......

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