Sunday, December 11, 2016

Bridget Beari Highlights the Latest Trends

Trend: "a general direction in which something is developing or changing."

In the world of Interior design there are many ways to spot trends: Markets, Magazines, and Pinterest. 

Here are the trends I am seeing for the next year: 

1. Use of Old World Portraits
        They are used in modern as well as traditional designs in large or small scale. 

2. Beehive or Fish scale patterns in gold
       Used as texture on furniture, wallpaper or frames

3. Leather straps on furniture
        Love this chair by Verellen Furniture

4. Cable knit - Scandinavian style

5. Welcome back the table skirt

6. Large Scale Floral Motifs

Are you seeing trends? Can you add to this list? Don't forget to follow us on Instagram @bridgetbeari for a daily update on latest happenings! 

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