Sunday, October 30, 2016

Bridget Beari's National Ad for DXV

Have you seen the latest DXV national ad Campaign launched in all the major magazines? I was fortunate to be chosen among the 4 designers across the country to help DXV, American Standard's luxury plumbing line, design a bathroom in one of their selected themes.
                                               All room photos by Earl Kendall studios

The theme was Design movements inspired by certain eras and cities. My theme was 1890-1920 Charleston, South Carolina.
Everyone asks how the design process works with DXV and what is really amazing is that we, the designer's, really designed these bathrooms and kitchens as we envisioned them. No corporate PR direction just pure design from real designers. That is what makes this experience and the DXV group so incredible! 

How it starts: 

Veronika Miller, of Modenus is the brainchild behind the concept of designing real spaces with real designers. Here she is as she explains the process and introduces this year's cities: 

Since my theme was the early 1900's, I did research on the progressive era after the Victorian clutter but before modernism. Having visited Charleston many times I love the historic homes, the architecture, and the symmetry in the designs. Taking something noticeably antique and classic and making it modern was my goal.  

Here is a video of all the designs:  

My design highlights reflecting Charleston include: 

spiderweb window
crown moulding pulled from Drayton Hall
Greek Key motif
Black and white marble floor
Brass Fretwork
English grisaille mural
hutch metal top from an English kitchen 

The spiderweb window was a focal point as this classic Georgian motif immediately reminds me of Southern style. An attempt to recreate the cultured and dignified styles of Europe but with a new world twist. 
I was very focused on keeping the symmetry that is why the inverted niches at the corners were so important to the design. If you look on the floor plan, Those curves mimic what happens in the shower wall. 
The large scale crown moulding runs throughout the space giving it a sense of grandeur and classic luxury. 
Everything was built on set directly from these drawings with only 1 on site meeting with the art director and 1 day of shopping locally for accessories. The Sheraton chair, brass hinges, guerdion table, green vases, shaving brush and antique frames were all bought at local antique stores in Minneapolis, an amazing city! 

Thank you to Decorators Supply for the crown moulding

There were phone calls during the building process but by the time we arrived on set the bathroom was built. The team did an amazing job getting all the details just right. Although they said my plans were so detailed there weren't many questions! 

My job on-site the final day was to help with the finishing touches and styling to get it just right!
I wanted the bathroom to be a look back to a classic era but also a look forward to a bathroom that could be used today. I live in an older home so designing something that looks classic but feels modern was the intent.

                           Key modern elements: 

                           curved glass shower wall
                           oversizing the Greek Key motif
                         gloss emerald green tile highlighted with the black linear Greek key tile- current trend color
                       geometric marble pattern in the shower
modern Flemish photo with bubble wrap in her hair as a veil. 
                     addition of the brass - current trend
                      black undermount sinks

                           Thank you to Schumacher for the fabric on the antique chair

Thank you to Heritage Tile for their gloss green tile
Thank you to Earl Kendall studios for the Flemish girl photo

I found that this is really where DXV products shined for me. The selection was spot on for the design. Classic Oakhill toilet, cross handle Randall faucet in the beautiful aged brass finish, the classic Fitzgerald tub, Tub filler again the perfect shape and finish, the shepard hook shower arm and cross handle levers in the shower and sinks. I mixed it up with adding the Pop black undercount sinks for a modern touch.
                          Thank you to Mural Source for the wallpaper

The vanity was my pride and joy as I designed the entire piece and it was constructed just perfectly. The fluted carerra marble front, the fretwork from Decorator's SupplyBridget Beari Colors metallics paint MT Bastille Brass, metal hood with brass tips, custom mirrors, antique mirror backs in the center shelves. It was a beauty!

I am so proud of this design as it is the perfect marriage of old and new. It celebrates the classic era in a 21st century way.

Thank you to everyone that made this ad possible - Veronika Miller, Modenus team , DXV team, Earl Kendall studios, Jim Goulet ( and team ), videographers, photographers, stylists and more! It was a team effort and a dream come to life.  

Look for the ad in all the national shelter magazines, Veranda, Southern Living, House Beautiful, Architectural Digest and more! 
Give us a shout out on our Instagram or Twitter @bridgetbeari if you see it in print! 

Check out all the other amazing designs from this year's DXV Designer panel

                     Keep Making Things Beautiful …….


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