Sunday, July 17, 2016

Traveling to Italy!

Even though I have taken many trips to Italy I have never been to Venice. This past May I was able to correct that mishap and what a beautiful city it was. I had been warned of the smell, crowds, and flooding but I did not see any of that. I was amazed that it was so small from the air. Such a remarkable city to be surround on all sides by water. 

Getting around by water taxis was interesting. Our hotel was on a different island so we were on those water taxis day and night. Luckily there were very handsome drivers! 

Dinners at beautiful historic villas which open to wonderful courtyards inside their guarded walls. 

Some images were just as I imagined ...

We were introduced to Col Fondo Prosecco, unfiltered. Slightly salty and cloudy.

Amazing chefs and amazing food. 

Just walking down the streets, every view was amazing. 

                         Beautiful architecture

With breathtaking details

A visit to the oldest fabric maker. The women were using old fashion wooded looms to create fabrics that were around $1000 per meter. Amazing! 

This is the home of the Scalamandre silk velvet tiger! 

Antique shops that are within the dealers homes. Incredible finds from some of the most prestige old homes. 

These Medieval columns were my favorite! 

We never missed a meal or a glass of wine that is for sure! 
Local would be a restaurant not to be missed. I loved the Squid ink! 

Off to Murano for the day! It is on one of the other islands. We brought a few things home. 

Dinner at an Organic Winery on another island called Mazzorbo. The winery is called Venissa with grapes that were once almost extinct called Dorona grapes 

Not only were the wines good, the food was amazing. Truly farm to table - fresh and flavorful! 

Next it was off to the countryside outside of Venice …..

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