Sunday, June 12, 2016

Anatomy of A Room - Southeast Style

In this Anatomy of a Room series we discuss what we love about a room and why it works visually and mentally. 

This is Barbara Westbrook Interiors and her Southeastern Atlanta Showhouse family room from this past April. 

Why this works! 

1. Scale - perfectly proportioned photography by Whitney Ott. These dark still life images of colorful flowers are perfect to grab your attention as well as balance the high ceilings in the room. I love that there are no large furniture pieces underneath. They are set low in scale with the fireplace. 

2. Interesting Groupings - the custom chaise grouping with the metal stools, Sofa with pouff ottomans, and wing chairs by the fireplace. It is hard to make too many pairs work but here it does. 

3. Black and White Color Scheme - It works here because of the boldness of the stripe and the art. It anchors all the linen and white walls

5Mixing Accessory Styles - love the medieval iron work, French stucco fireplace, modern take of Flemish still life art, Hollywood Deco Black and White, beautifully crafted antique tables and ceramics. 

6. Whimsy - Sconces made from old tin plates. Graphic and large in scale. The room felt easy and comfortable even though the ceilings were two story. 

I hope you had a chance to see this room in person. It was amazing! 

Happy Designing…..

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